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  1. v_singh, I'm not sure, I think it's best to ask a plastic surgeon about that.
  2. Hi everyone, since I did this six years ago I have forgotten many details so the best way to get your questions answered is to read the whole thread, it also has some before/after pictures. I know it's a looong thread but it has a LOT of useful info. For me the excision was one of the best things I've ever done!
  3. crzyakta. Yes that's basically what they do but my surgeon used a scalpel instead. It will leave a tiny fine line but it's hardly noticeable.
  4. Thank you guys! I'm just glad if I can help Simply_Me, I don't remember when the after pics were taken but I saw a big improvement after only one week (after the stiches were gone). crzyakta, I only had one excision because I only had one ice pick. They charged about $200-250 (depending on the exchange rate). Since it was a couple of years ago I have forgotten some details but they are all in this thread. I know this is a very long one but take your time to read it through because there's a
  5. Ok so let's see if I can make the photo attachment work... The first photo is a before shot taking with my analog camera and the other two after shots taking with my digital. The light is a little bit different but I think you can see the BIG improvement. I still have a small hypopigmentation after the laser I had several years ago (big mistake - no laser can improve an ice-pick scar). I'm 100% satisfied with my excison!! [attachmentid=4674] [attachmentid=4675] [attachmentid=4676]
  6. Hi guys! It's been a LONG time...when I used to be here Maya was still moderator (what happened to her??). The reason I haven't been here for such a long time is because....I dont't have to!! As you probably read my excison was very succesfull and I've pretty much gone on with my life and don't think about my (former) scar any longer. I know I promised to post photos and I will, just going to scan them first. Feel a bit guilty for not having done that earlier...so sorry!! Life has been pretty
  7. Eddy, I remember my surgeon said that on the nose a punch graft might work better instead of a simple excision (because the skin is thinner - harder to stretch), is this something you have looked into?
  8. Homer, I had a small hole from the stitches as well. Don't worry, it will improve by time. It can take 6-12 months before the skin is fully healed. Lila, I agree with Maya, the do nothing method is best. Maybe take some supplements like zinc etc. Good luck!! brown sugar, thank you! I'm happy if my experience can help anyone! )
  9. swedishgirl, My surgeon is in gbg but any surgeon can perform excision. I definitely think you should contact another doctor, preferrable a plastic surgeon to see what he/she has to say. Hopefully you will not need any surgery but if you do I'm pretty sure it will be considered 'reconstructive' surgery and then it won't cost you anything. Don't give up and don't take no for an answer! Btw, what are those malaria pills suppose to do??
  10. lula, no it's not intended. It looks like the rest of my skin except for some discoloration (slightly pink). alison, welcome! Glad this thread could help! ) About preventing scarring I think the "do nothing" method might be the best. Maybe apply a good moisturizer and take some supplements (zinc, B5, silica, vit E for ex.). Copper peptides might be good too. snowflake, I recommend you to go to a plastic surgeon, most of them perform excision and are very skilled.
  11. Rock, Yes, I would recommend it based on my own experiences. However, everyone is different and heals differently. If I were you I would try excision only for a couple of scars and then decide whether to have all the scars excised or not. lula, I think excision would be unnecessary if your scar is only slightly depressed. There are better methods for those type of scars.
  12. "Images can indeed be shown in your posts. However, there is no facility at present for uploading images directly to this board. Therefore you must link to an image stored on a publicly accessible web server, e.g. http://www.some-unknown-place.net/my-picture.gif. You cannot link to pictures stored on your own PC (unless it is a publicly accessible server) nor to images stored behind authentication mechanisms such as Hotmail or Yahoo mailboxes, password-protected sites, etc. To display the image
  13. Hejsan swedishgirl I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with Dermalive. I read that story in the paper as well. I was actually considering Dermalive a couple of years ago but after some research I'm glad I didn't try it. What type of scars do you have? I had an ice pick scar excised (however it looked more like a rolling scar with an ice pick in the middle because of laser) and the result is very, very good. If you'll have to excise the bumps make sure you go to a PLASTIC SURGEO
  14. Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been here for a while, I've been very busy lately... All I can say for my 2,5 months update is WOW! Still looking really good, about 95% improvement now. It looks like the rest of my skin, except it's still a little pink. If I look really close I can see where one of the stitches were, it looks like a tiny, tiny pore. I actually have pores larger than that so it doesn't bother me at all. I'm pretty amazed at how well my skin healed with the "do nothing" method. I e
  15. shiny, I'm glad if I can help anyone by sharing my experience. If you pm me I'll give you my surgeon's details. However I really do think you can find a good surgeon in your country. This is such a simple procedure and any plastic surgeon should know how to do it. jeanzz, Please read the whole thread, there are a lot of useful info here. There will always be a risk of infection as with all wounds and you will have a small linear scar instead of a pit. In my case I can't really see the l