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  1. Abbers


    Since I am a huge picture person, every week I will take a picture of my face so I, as well as those of you who may be curious of exactly what this process looks like, can really see the changes that happen in these 6 months.
  2. Abbers

    Day 4

    I was super busy yesterday so I was unable to post, but here I am today! So far, all I have noticed is that my lips have become more dry, other than that, my skin has been progressing. The scars are still there, but I am hoping that gradually they will start to get better. Also, I keep getting these dry patches on my arms..not sure if that is just me, or part of the side effects.. Anyways, my fingers are still crossed about my IB. I have yet to get it, but I heard most people get it at the
  3. Abbers

    Day 3

    Thats what im hoping, but I have heard of people who get their IB after the first month, so Im still a little unsure. I Hope all is going well for you, keep me updated!! and thanks for the encouraging words!
  4. Abbers

    Day 3

    Hello people, so far my face has not made much process. My lips have yet to become chapped (fingers are crossed), my face does have some more dry patches, which i am used to. I am getting very impatient though, I want to see some change. But i know i shouldnt be, this is a six month process and i am only going on my third week...either way, im waiting!! anyways, not much too say for this week, hopefully i will have more to say next week! That One Girl Who Has Been on Accutane For 2 Weeks
  5. Abbers

    Day 2

    So this is really confusing because I for sure can not post everyday, so I am just going to post once a week, which will be every monday. So when I say day 2, i really mean week 2. Anyways, I must admit, I was very happy to see that the morning after my first pill, I didnt have any abnormal breakout and my lips weren't cracked to pieces. I guess I was just so nervous going into it, and thats what I had expected, but nope! Life went on. However, as my first full week on accutane has come to an
  6. Abbers

    Day 1

    I'm on 40mg, and I know, my lip blam is my new best friend!!
  7. Abbers

    Day 1

    Alright, so here it goes. The first day. As I took my first pill today, I couldnt help but get really nervous, but even more so, excited. For the next 6 months, I will be taking a pill a day, that is over 180 pills in total. And these pills, will somehow, change my life for the better, and for once, give me the results I have been longing for. So from this day forth, I will be blogging my progress, or lack of. Hopefully I can blog everyday, but with my busy school life, I will be lucky t
  8. Abbers


    So, my name is Abby, and I am a 17 year old girl going into my senior year of Highschool. Here is a little bit about my life with acne. As people grow up, it seems that acne is a given, so I knew, undoubtedly, that at some point, I was going to have red dots on my face; however, I dont think that I ever fully knew how bad they could get. My freshman year, my face and skin, were virtually, zit free. As I got into my sophomore year, I found more and more small black heads and white heads,