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  1. Should I be putting moisturizer directly on a cyst ? I am in my 5th week and have broke out badly. Three horrible cysts on the cheeks and near my nose. There is no head on two of these, Is icing advisable ? I have been taken ibuprofen to help with inflammation Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies I decided to order some CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (12 oz) after reading some decent reviews. Being from the UK however means that is cost me 29 dollars to get it to me. Hopefully it is worth the hassle.
  3. Hi there, I am into my third week of my fourth course of roaccutane been prescribed 50mg to start with. 23 year old male from the UK. The dryness has started again. I have been using given doublebase gel which works really well on the body but not ideal for the face. So after looking alot online I decided to go with Cetaphil moisturising lotion. Bad move. It lift my face really shiny/greasy looking. The cetaphil cleanser is really good however very gentle on the skin. So looking for recomme