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  1. Final day of week 5. I just washed my face and used my BP treatment, I did not want to take pics after moisturizing because I did not want the images to be shiny. As you can see the blemishes I had in week 4 are smaller in size to nearly gone. The redness has minimized A LOT! ^o^ I am still showing great progress and I am still thinking about adding in the AHA+ in the near future. Just to give you guys some idea of how much I have progressed with using the Regimen when I first started, I
  2. Happy to say I have been on The Regimen using the alternative products for a full month today. I have been very happy with the results but I am still far from 100% clear skin. I would say that I am probably 75% clearer than my first day. I know that I still have a ways to go and I am fine with this because I know that it is going time to heal my skin. I just want those who are still skeptical to give this a try, whether it is using the products on this site or using the alternatives, in my 1
  3. Week 3 completed. Still having small breakouts of minor pimples, not cystic. I did notice flaking of my skin as though it were week 1 I think I am going to try a less drying face wash, could possibly be the tea tree oil in my current face wash. I have read it can be drying to the skin. Otherwise I will continue on the regimen and continue mixing the jojoba oil into my moisturizer ^o^ Keep on trekking and be healthy!
  4. Today is my last day completing week 2, tomorrow starts week 3. I have been using the alternative products that Doug suggests but using the face wash I have been using in the past. See my list below. Trader Joe's Spa face wash with tea tree oil Neutrogena On-the-Spot BP treatment Olay complete all day moisturizer w/sunscreen SPF 15 Eventually I plan to order the AHA+ but will run this by my PCP to ensure I am on the right track, not to mention to see about getting an Rx for the BP 2.5%
  5. evalinas28

    On 2012 09 09

    After a full week on The Regimen using alternate products
  6. evalinas28

    On 2012 09 09

    After a full week on The Regimen using alternate products
  7. evalinas28

    On 2012 09 09

    After a full week on The Regimen using alternate products. I am happy with the results so far! Most of my larger cysts have gone down in size to regular size pimples. Still have a long way to go. I will continue on this program since it has worked so well for me. Wish you all good health!