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  1. Bling, have you tried the regular cream or the lotion?
  2. Does anyone use it and if so what kind? I'm trying the one with the SPF 15 in it but it seems to leave my face feeling greasy and looking shiny. Is the regular cream or the lotion any better?
  3. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of stretch marks? I know this topic isn't related to acne but I can't find a site with a message board that discusses this type of thing unless there is one that someone can recommend to me. Thanks! ;-)
  4. What's Tazorac and is it a prescription drug? Is it topical?
  5. The Differin has been working great for me. Just stick with it... you have to give it a few weeks to work before you can really see if it works for you or not. Do you use the gel?
  6. Is it okay to apply moisturizer at night before I apply Differin? Will the Differin still be affecteive? Also... I use the pledgets (wipes). instead of the gel. Has anyone tried either and have an opinion on which they think is better?
  7. How often do you use it a day? Are you using anything else on your face besides the Cetaphil moisturizer?
  8. There are a few and I was wondering which one is best? I have oily skin so I'm wondering which one will go best with my type of skin. Cetaphil® Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 with Parsol® 1789 Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream Which one????
  9. I hear everyone talking about it. What is it, what does it do and where can you get it?
  10. How do we contact him? Does he have an e-mail address that we write to directly or is there somewhere on the Message Boards we need to go? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone use it or have used it? What kind of reaction did you get from it? I have oily skin and don't really like the way it makes me feel greasy but if I use anything lighter my skin cracks and peels. Any advice?
  12. Which one are we supposed to use on the regimen? The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin? Is one better than the other? Thanks! Is Purpose better to use than Cetaphil or are they basically the same and which moisturizer is the best one to use? I know he lists a few but I was curious if some prefer one over the other. Thanks again!