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  1. Hello! I have kinda a problem here, peeling skin. I'm using the Regimen for over a month, and the peeling isn't so bad now, but it's there...I'm using the 2 pumps of moisturiser, but it continues...and I'm wearing BB cream only one day per week, and it's soooo bad with the peeling when I apply that BB cream on...I've tried everything, but it's still there, can anyone out there give me an advice? Thanks!
  2. I've got the same problem-only in red! I red on one topic that Redbush tea is very good for those nasty little marks on your skin, so I started drinking 2 cups per day (and I was and still am on the Regimen), and I can say it did help. Try to drink some vitamins, that can sometimes help too!
  3. Redbush tea, vitamin intake, and Zink
  4. Hello to you all! I'm Darija, as you can see, and I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina...I'm using the Regimen kit for 5 weeks now (and I think that I'm the only one in my country who does), and my skin did actually got better, but now I think I've got to a point where it stays pretty much the same(I'm still using the treatment, and I've ordered some more). I've got still red marks, and 1-2 new breakouts (which go away fast)...I drink Redbush tea (two cups a day), sometimes green tea, 10 mg of Zink,