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  1. Oh I wasn't suggesting that you're anonymous. Just me. Good to see you're going to tell her. I'm in need that kind of courage.
  2. I know how you feel. I can't stand letting my feelings out even completely anonymous on a message board. There's a girl I like...nevermind... Good luck!
  3. Oh good. I thought I might've been doing something wrong. Thanks for replying.
  4. Thanks to ipodlist for suggesting that I use it. I decided not to get ProActiv, given all the negative responses in my last topic, and went to WalMart to buy Neutrogena's Advanced Kit. It's somewhat pricey (25 bucks), but not nearly as bad as ProActiv. I also liked how it uses 2.5% BP (which is suggested in what I read on the main site here). Anyways, it's fine except that my face will be flaky (especially around my lips). I think this is because of the Sun Shield Day Lotion with spf 15, but I
  5. I've begun working out and I plan to start taking creatine, either alone or in combination with protein supplements. Question is, does anyone know if these products can affect acne? I know creatine has something to do with water retention, but I'm not sure in what way. By the way I've found almost definitely that drinking tons of water helps acne...but I'm sure others have noticed this too. Unfortunately it isn't without 'side effects'...I need to take a piss every 30 minutes it seems On a s
  6. I dunno. My face looked MUCH worse due to the deep lines under my eyes than only having mild to moderate acne. It seems to me (could be wrong, of course) the key is finding which treatment corresponds to both your skin type and your severity/types of acne. Having said such...does anyone have similar skin to me (tannish skin with a very slight olive cast) and has mild to moderate acne and also has a success story of flawless skin? Please reply. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the replies. That's kind of my problem - aside from the Clinique product I mentioned (which did work but worked quite slowly), AcneFree is the only product that's really worked for me, yet it's the one I've encountered the doesn't agree with my skin. It was about the third morning of using it that I woke up and I had very deep lines under my eyes - not really bags under my eyes, justs deep lines and the skin under my eyes was really loose. My skin is relatively tan with a very sligh
  8. OK, as I said earlier AcneFree created horribly dark lines under my eyes (even though it was clearing up my face well enough). I'm not sure if ProActiv would do the same (or if I just should avoid washing by my eyes all together). I've also seen knocks against ProActiv for some reason or another, while many other times I've seen praise. I have mild to moderate acne, but as I've also said nothing really EVER worked for me till I got AcneFree except for something I used of my stepmom's - just a
  9. Last week I used the over-the-counter product AcneFree for a few days. It was working very well until the third morning I woke up with awful lines under my eyes! I'm positive this wasn't from lack of sleep or stress or anything of that nature. I was furious since I was trying to clear up my face only to wake up with deep lines under my eyes. Has this happened to anyone else? What should I do instead? (while we're on it, what's the best way to clear up the skin around my eyes?) Thanks to any res