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  1. Lindseyem
    Hi acne.org community!

    Can I just start off by saying that finding this community, this website, and the regimen, is a LONG waited for, answer to my prayers.

    Acne has been a horrible issue that has caused a mess of problems for me (emotional, self esteem, anxiety, etc). However, this community, and the regimen, have given me hope and comfort. I pray that each and every person in this community finds a solution for their acne issues and comfort through the many other suffers (and survivors!) on this website.

    Let me start out by sharing that my acne before the regimen, was moderately severe. I didn't take any day 1 pictures because I was literally so depressed about my acne condition that I refused to take any pictures. However, I have some pictures on here of day 22 I think...or sometime in the first month. I am beginning my 10th week on the regimen tomorrow and I would love to share my experience with all of you.

    Currently, I am 75-80% clear. I am still getting pimples, but they are small and clear quickly. I use to get cystic acne on my jaw line and neck area....I was so embarassed and these zits would hang out for like 2 weeks to a month sometimes! I can very happily report that after I started my 2nd month of the regimen a few weeks ago, they are gone and that area of my face is soft and smoooth! Praise God

    The biggest lesson I have learned with the regimen is to BE PATIENT. I've realized that the regimen is a great acne solution for people with moderate and persistent acne, that has not responded to a book full of treatments. It's also great for light acne, or people that only get acne here and there, but it's a lot of work in my opinion if your acne is mild!

    I stuck with this treatment because I had faith that with commitment and patience, my acne would clear up slowly but surely. And it has! My face BURNED for a month so bad that I felt like I had a very bad sunburn and I would even cry to my husband saying that my face hurt so bad it was hard to breath. Maybe this was just my experience, but the adjustment period of applying a large amount of BP to my skin was very hard.

    I can happily report though that the redness has subsided, and my skin is for the most part, has aclimated to the large amount of BP twice a day.

    My advice to anyone starting the regimen is HAVE FAITH. There are side effects...dryness, redness, chapped skin in some areas, flakeness...but will the benefits out way the risks?? I think so!

    I have FINALLY found a moisturizer that combates the dryness of BP! Cerave moisturizing lotion. Give it a try, I don't think you will regret it.

    Heres some pictures of my progress. For some reason my camera always has a redness to every picture...and my skin is not very red these days.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope it has brought encouragment to anyone on the regimen and struggling with the side effects and slow progress.

    Blessings of clear skin!


  2. Lindseyem
    Hi all fellow acne sufferers/survivors,

    I wanted to give all of you an update on how the acne.org is working for me. I would give it 5 stars!!!

    Let me just emphasize that NOTHING has worked for my skin. My skin is just so acneic and sensitive...that everything makes it worse for the most part. The only way I was ever able to keep my moderate acne from getting worse was cleansing it with a super mild cleanser and nothing else! But my skin looked awful and I was beyond desperate when I found the regimen.

    Let me say though...I think that this regimen is best for people with very persistent and stubborn acne. Becuase it is a lot of work! And it comes with it's fair share of side effects. My skin is still incredibly dry and red about half of the time. It's improve since the first month...which was awful in terms of side effects. But I still am having side effects...and mild break outs. I would consider my acne closer to mild these days. Which is huge for me!!!!

    I'm attaching pictures. Please don't hesitate to personal message me with any questions about the regimen. I truly believe it the regimen as the best topic acne treatment I have ever come across!

    Good luck and God bless,

  3. Lindseyem
    Can I just say that the acne.org regimen takes committment, perseverence, and patience. These are the most important lessons I have learned over the past month. It was also quite a rollercoaster ride...my skin was dry, red, irritated...and STILL breaking out all month long. Currently, I have about 7 active pimples (all small) at the moment. I typically have between 10-12...and I've most definitely had up to 20-22 at a time. I HATE ACNE. It's so awful. So I can empathize completely with everyone on this site. I wish with all my heart that I could snap my fingers and no one would ever have to deal with acne again. I would never wish it upon anyone...it's a life ruiner and it honestly gets in the way of people following their dreams and having confidence in themselves. Thank goodness for treatments like the acne.org regimen, accutane for some people, and other medications/ herbal supplements/diets that help to put acne to rest.

    I am happy with my results at 1 month of the regimen...but I am looking forward to more and more progress. I have LOTS of scaring and hyperpigmentation. The regimen is helping to fade it nicely (especially since it helps you get less and less acne and takes away imflammation in my experience).

    Those of you who are considering the regimen...make sure you are committed to the long term goal. But I definitely think that it is worth it. Just know that it takes time...be patient. I know it is incredibly hard. And Dan is right, being gentle with your skin is key. I have learned that if my skin gets too dry, I break out more or the acne I have gets exasterbated...so I make sure to apply TONS of the acne.org moisterizer...especially at night. I don't care if I'm greasy, when you are putting that my benzoyl peroxide on your face you have to moisterize a ton. Also, stay away from sugary foods during the process. Trying going without gluten and dairy and see if theres any difference. For me, neither dairy or gluten affect my acne...but sugar does majorly! So I've cut it out a lot the past week or so. Fruit is not always good either...I'm a huge fruit eating but now I will only eat berries (Low gylcemic index) and apples. Try doing a sugar fast though if you think sugar might be making your breakouts worse and see. But from my experience, no food causes my acne...it only makes it worse. I inherited acne genetics...always had it to a certain degree since I hit puberty (I'm 24 now). My skin went crazy this past year...at some points, my acne was moderate to severe...most of the time moderate. Now it's probably mild to moderate thanks to the regimen. But I'm hoping in the next few months it will be mild to light.

    Anyway, feel free to send me any questions. I'm here to support others through the process in anyway that I can.

    Good luck and check out the regimen!

    Attached are pics of my month 1 progress....I would say acne is about 25% improved.