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  1. Lindseyem

    Day 1

    Oh and Dan's AHA works wonders on scars and hyperpigmentation. But makes sure you wait until your skin fully adjusts to BP or any other strong acne creams before you introduce it because it dries you out and irritates your skin if you arent use to your other products first.
  2. Lindseyem

    Day 1

    I just wanted to comment on your story because man girl, can I relate! I had horrible acne last year...the year of my engagement, and yes, on my wedding. Thankfully my skin calmed down a good amount the weekend of my wedding so make up did a good job of hiding it. But still! Acne SUCKS SO BAD! I had to go on anti depressants for 4 months because I fell into clinical depression as a result of my acne getting worse and worse, no matter what I tried. BUT, there is HOPE! I can tell you that as I
  3. Has anyone used the regimen while pregnant? Did your doctor say it was safe?
  4. I switched cleansers a few times while on the regimen...and my skin hasn't broke out directly from it. My ultimate favorite cleanser is the Cerave Hydrating cleanser. Good luck! Oh and I love the Cerave moisturizing lotion the best. I can't use Dans either.
  5. you have to keep using the regimen every day to stay clear. Many people can decrease the amount of BP they use once they are clear. But yes, you will need to continue using the products daily to stay acne free.
  6. For dryness, Cerave moisturizer is great! Best moisturizer I have ever used and I understand how horrible the dryness can be. Check it out and add jojoba oil to it
  7. It takes a lot of people 4-6 months for acne to completely subside. I've been on the regimen for almost 10 weeks and I am still getting a few pimples, but they are usually isolated ( one on my jawline, one on my forehead and chin) It takes time. Stick with it! You will be glad you did in the month or two
  8. Cerave moisturizing lotion is by far my favorite! And I have tried neutrogena, Dan's, and many others.
  9. Hi! And thanks! I am SO incredibly happy I found the regimen. Here's what I use: AM Cerave Hydrating cleanser Generous finger length of Dan's BP Lots of Cerave Moisturizing lotion with jojoba oil added (6 drops) I Also use Mineral hygenics mineral powder foundation. It's the best make up I have ever used. I feel like I have nothing on my face and it covers up my scaring really well PM Cerave Hydrating cleanser Warm washcloth to gently exfoilate dead skin and flakes Generous finge
  10. Hi acne.org community! Can I just start off by saying that finding this community, this website, and the regimen, is a LONG waited for, answer to my prayers. Acne has been a horrible issue that has caused a mess of problems for me (emotional, self esteem, anxiety, etc). However, this community, and the regimen, have given me hope and comfort. I pray that each and every person in this community finds a solution for their acne issues and comfort through the many other suffers (and survivors!
  11. I think that the regimen will work nicely for you. I want to encourage you to be patient though. I have learned that the regimen works great for acne, especially moderate to even severe. However, it takes time. The first month, my skin burned so bad, it felt like I had a BAD sunburn on my face, and it was SO DRY! Like I was seriously shedding skin like a lizard. I was also still breaking out a lot, and essentially, I did not see any marked improvement in my skin until about week 6. Then, one day
  12. You could just do the regimen where you get acne. Thats what Dan has suggested in his videos when people say they only get pimples around their mouth or on their chin. I get acne on every part of my face, so the regimen has been a God send to me. But I wouldn't recommend putting BP anywhere on your face that you don't ever get breakouts...you're just drying it out for no reason.
  13. Thanks for the advice! Will it help with flakiness? I am so flaky...I'm not red anymore..and acne is improving a lot...but the flakes are killing me. I use 3 pumps of the acne.org moisturizer morning and night but I look like a lizard still. Im planning to start using cetaphil moisturizing lotion at night and see if it helps. I want to exfoilate my skin so bad haha. Get all the flakes off.
  14. Hi acne.org community I have been on the acne.org regimen for almost 2 months and I'm seeing great results! My skin is so flaky though...it's embarassing :/ I use at least 8 drops of jojoba oil twice per day...and like 3 pumps of the acne.org moisturizer morning and night and my skin is flaky still! Especially along my jawline, chin area, and forehead. I'm thinking that the AHA might be a good way to exfoliate some of this dead skin off my face! I'm nervous though about the initial break
  15. I believe in the regimen. But be very patient! It took 6 weeks for me to see marked improvement...more like 3 months to see acne completely cleared. Good luck!!!