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  1. Absolutely but a week is not enough time to see a difference. You need at least a month. My skin clears up when I avoid eggs but it's nearly impossible because almost everything has eggs. I had a blood test and that's how I found out that I have an egg allergy. Here's a neat link: http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/food-...rgies-acne.html
  2. Did you keep up with it every day? How is your skin? It sucks that you have to be sitting rather than laying down while the lamp is on.
  3. Anything with eggs cause my face and chest to break out with whiteheads!
  4. I have the greatest respect for anyone who can live without dairy. Give me Colby-Jack cheese or give me death!
  5. I realize that my acne has gotten better since I stopped eating certain foods, but one thing doesn't work for all. I got an allergy test (which was very expensive) and I found out that I am allergic to eggs, bananas, and pineapple among other things. It's the 96-Food IgG Elisa Food Intolerance Kit. My skin looks radiant and I feel a lot better BUT my acne did not completely disappear; it simply improved. Before you make generalizations about milk is bad for you or eggs are bad for you or soy
  6. I've been on Dan's regimen for months using his BP gel and I've seen enormous improvement that I didn't see with the Neutrogena. However, the texture of my skin has not improved and I still have problems with the acne on my jawline. I must add, I AM NOT USING IT AS CONSISTENTLY AS I SHOULD. When I do use it correctly and twice a day like I'm supposed to, my skin gets better very fast. Hope this helps!
  7. Prescriptives matched my skin color wonderfully, but I didn't like the way that it felt on my face. If I touched my face, it would get on my fingers, and heaven forbid it would rain. The rain would make it just drip down my face. YUCK! BTW, I'm Hispanic
  8. Differin works on my blackheads, but it takes a loooooooong time. I know it's coming out when it gets red around the pore, then I get a little whitehead and out comes the blackhead with it too. Gross, but nice.
  9. I guess I'm part of the minority; I actually like the smell
  10. I just started on B5 too to see if it makes a difference. However, I'm not following those directions. If your body gets rid of the excess vitamin, why take so damn much? I take only 500 mg a day. It seems reasonable. I can't see how more means better when it's water soluble.
  11. A vegetarian won't kiss me after eatin' a good old fashioned rare steak. No fun!
  12. I've been on Differin since December and it took a good four months for my skin to really look nice. However, it hasn't gotten rid of all my blackheads yet. I still have some of those critters. But the pimples are gone and I get an occasional whitehead. Just be patient and don't think too much about it. Just take it one month at a time
  13. Nothing like the shower fresh scent of apple cider vinegar...yummy.