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  1. Yes!!! Although I don't have Ibs. I've actually just logged into this website for the first time in ages as I'm sick of the bloating. I first got the bloat on another pill, then switched to yasmin to see if that stopped it. It continued and I had all sorts of tests done - ultrasounds, laparoscopy, colonoscopy. In the end it seemed like it must be yasmin so I had to choose between bloat and clear skin. I chose clear skin. Now I'm thinking of trying spironolactone instead and coming off the pill
  2. Was doing some reading earlier - Cilest is a UK name for Ortho Tri-Cyclen, so if you do decide to get off Dianette, definitely try that one!
  3. I was on Dianette for 18 months (coincidentally I just wrote a review for it!) and I didn't have amazing results. It did calm it down a little, I think after about 3 months. If you're not having much luck, I'd highly recommend Cilest. This completely cleared any remaining acne I had up (as I took a break from Epiduo which also helped greatly) after only a few weeks - it's the first contraceptive pill I've tried that works over a span of 8 years. Unfortunately after 3 months I have to come of
  4. cindybuzz

    Worth trying

    Worth trying

    I took Dianette for 18 months for acne. I didn't have any bad side effects, although I was a bit achey the first month or so, this wore off. It didn't do wonders for my acne but it did calm it down quite a lot. I say it's worth trying (especially if you take a contraceptive pill anyway) as it did help, and others have had great success. I have since come off Dianette and went onto Cilest, which I would highly recommend as it cleared my skin up within a month. (Unfortunately I got really bad wat
  5. What have you tried so far? What is your current skincare routine?
  6. "Use toothpaste!" No. "Just wash your face everyday!" Really? Because I hadn't thought of basic hygiene before. "I use xyz and I never get spots!" Because you don't have acne you f*cking imbecile. It'd be like me saying to someone with cancer "I drink tea everyday and I never get cancer!" "You'll grow out of it in a few years!" I hope so, but it doesn't make me feel any less sh!tty right now. I'm 22, I don't want to look 16. I appreciate the sentiment of this one though. "Eurgh!
  7. Your skin really isn't that bad, and you're still super pretty anyway. Shame your friends are immature. What products/routines have you tried so far to help your skin?
  8. I've been drinking peppermint tea after dinner too! I've definitely noticed an improvement on my digestion - mine can be quite sluggish at times. I too believe in the link between a healthy digestive system and skin - when I had bad constipation (for about a year, was only going once a week if I was lucky, no medication or dietary changes seemed to help) my skin was definitely at its worst. I like lemon & ginger tea in the mornings too
  9. Absolutely recommend!

    This worked wonders for me! I once had moderate acne, which was greatly helped by a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream and a change in my skincare. However, soon it didn't work so well anymore and I was left with mild yet persistent and extremely stubborn acne and red marks from old acne. I tried many home remedies, shop-bought creams, washes, masks, I tried changing my diet but that didn't work for me - and then my Doctor prescribed me Epiduo. The first time I used it, I made the huge mistake of treati
  10. Well, like many people, my acne has given me a lot of really negative feelings and gives a big hit to my self confidence. A year ago I would keep my head down and look at the floor whilst I was walking, careful not to make eye contact with anyone. I've attached a photo of what my skin looked like at the time. There was a lad I knew through some friends. We'd never hung out socially, though had spoken a few times over facebook. One day he contacted me asking me if I would do some modelling f
  11. Wow! Might give it a go! By the way, you're so pretty! (In all 3 pictures)
  12. Hello! Today I received results from a blood test I did. My GP said I have a B12 deficiency and will need to take a series of injections. I was hoping that perhaps the vitamin deficiency could be one of the causes of my acne, but after an internet search I worryingly found that the injections can cause acne!! I'm not very knowledgeable about this stuff, and I wondered if anyone knew a) if this deficiency could be a contributing factor towards my acne, and b) the likelihood that the i
  13. Well, personally when I woke up I didn't notice a difference, but I think I used too much water. However, a colleague did comment on my "glowing" complexion without me mentioning using anything new! That has NEVER happened before! Maybe I just didn't notice an immediate difference because I'm looking for the flaws. Will carry on and make a less diluted batch
  14. Thanks guys - I tried a similar diet to no avail