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  1. Things have been progressing, very slowly. I've managed to convince her to stay over on two occasions, with a lot of restrictions on what we can do. Few lights, a lot of distance and definitely no face touching. In the mornings, she's in a mad rush to get to the bathroom before I know what's going on. Fair enough. I'll take what I can get for now. Although, I have to say it's frustrating from my perspective. I suppose it's easy for me to say but her acne doesn't change the way I see her. In time
  2. Thanks Green Gables. I think you're right, she may be pre-disposed to having acne but for years thought she had outgrown it. She has considered going back onto birth control however she feels that she'd only be putting off the issue to another time. Secretly, I have my own selfish thoughts about this hoping she'd just do it anyway and we can deal with it later when the time comes! Thank you whatthekell. You've reinforced my thought that no matter how disparaged she may be or how dismissive sh
  3. Thanks for the response, Murph89. I just read a couple of dozen posts in the thread you linked. Good Lord, I had no idea this could have such a deep impact. My girlfriend has mentioned how it has already affected some of the things the others have mentioned. I always believed her but it has never really sunk in. Thank you for your advice. Looking back, I may have unintentionally dismissed her concerns and moments of freaking out. Often times, my knee jerk reaction is to take it personally. It
  4. Hi everyone, For those of you who are depressed about your acne, can you please help me understand? Can you please help me be a more supportive boyfriend? Nearly six months ago, I started dating a great woman I now love and with whom I see some real future potential. Such a great connection! She is in her late 20's, I am in my early 30's. The first three or so months, her face was quite clear and she never mentioned anything about her blemishes. In the last two months or so, she has sta