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  1. I dunno, i kind of have a few of those under my eyes. Mine just fade when i dont irritate them. But you have yours for a while so i dunno
  2. Hey guys, Im not really having problems with pimples anymore. But i have these red areas above my moustache. They're two big ones and are really visible. I also have a small one that you can see a tiny bit on the other side. Why wont they go away? I have had the small one for 2 weeks, the new one that makes it real bad for about 4-5 days. What can i do to make the redness go away? There is no indentation or bump. I use Lancome Creme Radiance to wash my face at night and in the morning i
  3. No its pimples that went away and left scars
  4. A while ago i got some pimples to the right and left of my nose under my eyes at different times. The problem is for some reason that area lets them scar, but no other place on my face does. So i got 2 main somewhat small ones in those places where they are a little red (they've gotten better this month) but after i wash my face or randomly THEY ARE SO ITCHY. It drives me crazy, i cant enjoy anything im always itchy. Makes me really angry and i get a lot more aggressive at everything. Is ther