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  1. kathb200

    One Week On The Regimen

    So far, I'm really impressed with The Regimen. I'm still have a couple of flare-ups, but I read somewhere that it takes around 30 days for a pimple to emerge to the skin, so the life cycles of these pimples will probably end soon. I guess that means that after about a month on The Regimen, my skin should be relatively clear. I've been super gentle with it and have followed directions carefully, so I really hope it pays off. I haven't picked (yay!) but I did get kind of anxious today when I sa
  2. kathb200

    The Regimen: Day 1

    So I woke up this morning and was SO pleased with how my skin felt! My red marks had significantly faded, and my skin felt super soft. I know a lot of you say the BP is making your skin extra dry and flaky, but I'm loving the way it makes mine feel. (Granted I've only used it for one day...) like I said, my skin was already super dry so I think this is just more moisture than it's used to. I'm also really happy that I can put the BP on before my make-up: the BP and Cerave make for a great palett
  3. kathb200

    The Regimen

    Happy to say that I finally received the Regimen in the mail today! I only purchased the treatment and the AHA because I already use cetaphil and cerave as my cleanser and moisturizer and am happy with the way they've been working. I know a lot of people say the treatment dries out their skin, but I put it on tonight and it actually made mine more moist (probably because the clinique stuff I've been using had dried out my skin like CRAZY) so I actually think the treatment is better for me. I'
  4. kathb200

    Getting Better

    I haven't been able to post in the past couple of days, but my skin seems to be getting much better (still not great though). I had a couple of huge cysts that came to a head and are going down now, so that's good. I'm still waiting on the regimen to come in the mail so hopefully it gets here soon! I'm anxious to start it.
  5. kathb200

    Day 3

    Woke up this morning with four enormous whiteheads on my face. I NEVER get whiteheads, why is this all of the sudden happening? The huge cyst on my nose turned into a whitehead, which I guess is good, but it looks horrifying. Does anyone know why I'm all of the sudden getting whiteheads? I haven't changed anything in my diet or environment. I'm just frustrated and feel at a loss. I really just want my face to be clear.
  6. kathb200

    Day 2

    When I got home from an 8 hour work shift today, I looked in the mirror and had three new pimples that had formed. Ughhhh. One was a whitehead, one was the cyst on my nose, and one was on my forehead. I popped all three easily and hoped that it helped to pop them. I did pick some more (shamefully) which I am not pleased with myself about. I HAVE to stop, I just don't know how. I need to try harder.
  7. kathb200

    Day 2 Begins

    I woke up this morning a bit discouraged...but also kind of relieved. Yeah I know it doesn't make sense. Reason being, I woke up with a cystic-ish pimple on the side of my nose, which as you all know hurts. Very bad. On the good side, it's easy to cover up, so I'm not too upset about it. My face looks a million times better than it did on Sunday (when I sat on my sink, looked in the mirror for almost two hours and picked away). I'm vowing right now to STOP picking. I've said it a million
  8. kathb200

    Follow-Up From This Morning

    I'm mainly using this blog for my personal benefit, but if anything I write helps you, then that makes me happy. I feel like if I can write my progress down and keep better track of it, it may make me more conscious of picking. I did pick a little tonight before I got in the shower (my worse time for picking), though I didn't think I did much damage. There is no broken skin anymore, just red spots from where I've pinched my skin as well as some dry skin from medicine (clinique gel spot treat
  9. kathb200

    First Time Posting!

    Okay, so I just signed up for acne.org today. I've been looking at the different threads for years when searching for answers to clear skin, and finally gave in and started a blog, along with ordering the treatment from The Regimen. I actually have very beautiful skin---I've had many strangers stop me and tell me I have skin like a china doll. My problem? I pick at it like CRAZY. Of course I'll occasionally get a small zit here or there (who doesn't? I'm not perfect) but when I notice even th