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    hi someone here using panoxyl? does it work?? i just bought it and some advices would be useful before start thanks
  2. hi when i used the bp my skin got darker do you think is just because the bp i was using? and yes i used moisturizer i stoped now because my face looked funny dry and dark i started with a little of bp what do you think the problem is? bye
  3. it turned me completely antisocial, i used to laugh so much before it appeared i loved to go out be with my friends and all that but now i've lost contact with most of them they never told me anything about acne but i just don't feel good with myself now i spend more time at home it even affected the relations with my family i don't talk to much with them i try but i can't im worried because i used to like who i was and i hope when and if this thing ends some day i could be again who i was you
  4. hi ok i posted before because my skin was really bad dry and with little wounds and then i went of vacations so i stoped the regimen when i came back a week later my face was very good the red marks that i had when using the bp disappeared but that week my old pimples that bp had controled came back 4 of them so when i returned i applied the bp and the next day those pimples were dry but new five pimples came out and the red marks are there again what can i do? im going to star the college in tw
  5. hi my face is really bad my first peeling has finished and i thought my skin was going to get used to the bp or something but this time is worst, when i laugh my skin breaks but deeply it bleeds a little, it just happens around my mouth and below my chin im not even using to much bp im using mosturizer like twice the quantity of bp gel what can i do? ah but my acne is almost clear im really happy because of that please any advice will help thanks
  6. because i saw the ingredients and it has vaseline and petrolatum so are not this going to clug the pores? who is using this bar can tell me if it doesn't make the acne worst? thanks