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  1. Hi, I'm male and I have a lot of small whiteheads with the size of a small pinhead. These small whiteheads are underneath my skin for several days or weeks, until a small white and tight globule (which contains the tallow) comes to the surface and fells of. This would lead to an increased pore which will shrink more or less over the next couple of months. I'm from outside the US and in my country I can’t order the products from Acne.org. But I tried some kind of the Regimen within the
  2. Hi moojamba and all, this cure sounds great I was on vacation in Spain last summer too and I also realized that after a couple of days my skin was flawless. A lot of people with acne are telling that a holiday at the sea in combination with sun is working miracles. I found out the following aspects could have had a positive impact on my skin during this holliday: - sun -> whiteheads get dried up - the salt of the sea -> is good against inflamation - the clorine in the pool -> kills
  3. Hi, I had a low dose Accutane treatment 2,5 years ago with 1x10mg pill per day (~160 pills in total) for round about 5-6 months with very good results. I must say that I had/have a mild acne, but this already for more than 10 years so my derm agreed to try Accutane. Now I realized that the pimples are coming back and had another appointment at the derm. I was asking if he can prescribe me accutane again, and yes he did. But only 1 package (contains 60x10mg pills). The reason was that on the day
  4. Hi, I had my last glycolic acid peeling 2-3 weeks ago. I was on a festival last weekend and now I have a mild sun burn (3 days red skin, but no peeling). What can I do NOW to reduce the possibility of hyperpigmentation due to this sun burn? How long will it take until possible hyperpigmentation due to this sunburn will occur? THX
  5. In Germany it's a bit different compared to USA: You must not pay for the derm. The only thing you must do is pay 10EURO every quarter at the doctor you visit first within a quarter. Yes you're right but I don't want to have the skin when I was 16, just small pores.
  6. How long should I wait after the next Glycolic Acid peeling or Apeel correct until I can start with Microdermabrasion? My derm told me I should do this. That's how the Neostrata AHA's work: Apply the peeling every few weeks and in the meantime use a AHA cream or gel to support the peeling. This gel has only a temporary smoothing effect, right? Yes I know that, but compared to the beautiful skin I had it's like I've you've been driven a sportscar and now you've to go by bus. Ot
  7. Thank you for your comments and the consolation. I understand that most of you think I should be lucky or that I'm crazy, but I'm not. I definately want to improve my skin. I don't want to have perfect skin, but skin like a normal man with the age of 25. There are a lot of guys who have acne scars but I've never seen somebody with pores all over the face at my age. Normally the US message boards are more optimistic like the german ones and you have the latest treatment methods. I hoped that yo
  8. No one of the derms wanted to describe me Accutane, even if I asked them for. If one of those stupid called doctors would have described me Accutane 5 years ago (when I only had oily skin and pimples but still a nice skin) then I think I would have still beautyful skin, no pimples and no oily skin now. But now it's to late. I don't want to generate other problems like eyerings or loose my hair. Therefore I want to remove the ugly skin, so that my skin looks like normal male skin (it must
  9. I have whiteheads and oily skin since 10 years. And that has left marks on my skin (shallow scars and enlarged pores). Maybe I should make another pic in a worse light angle, then you will realize it. I tried everything available except accutane. And so far I had the best results with B5 (only worked for 6 months) and this AHA or Glycolic Acid peelings. All these cremes and gels are bullsh*t, nothing of them cleared me up completely. I live in Germany and the names of the products are mayb
  10. OK, then I think I will try the Apeel. I don't think that the AHA and Glycolic Acid will help me to get rid of the enlarged pores. Actually my skin is not peeling with Glycolic Acid @ 30% and I don't want to try 50 or 70% at home. It just helps me in prevent me from new witheheads and get rid of existing ones. Hopefully I will peel a lot with this Apeel. What about Microdermabrasion? I thought about this because it seems very effective and is not so dangerous.
  11. Hi, no these are more than imperfections. I don't know anybody who's face is full of enlarged pores all over the face like me. I definately want to improve or better get rid of the completely. There are so much scar treatment methods and mine is only shallow so they should work for me. If they don't even work for me then they will never work for people with real scarring. So what do you suggest (I'm living in Germany)? I know that my skin is OK compared to others here but it bothers me. Partic
  12. Is Apeel a Retinoid? What can I expect from it? Is it really stronger than an AHA with 50%?
  13. Hi, which rentinoid do you suggest? Do you have a link? I thought about APeel, Microdermabrasion or TCA. What dou you think will this work to get rid of the enlarged pores?
  14. Hi, here pictures of my skin: Since March I had: 2x30% Neostrata AHA Peeling at the Derm 1x50% Neostrata AHA Peeling at the Derm 3x30% Glycolic Acid Peeling at home using this product: http://www.glymagic.com/ Between the peelings I used the Neostrata Cleanser and the Neostrata Gel (15% AHA). Sometimes I used BPO 10% or an Erythromycin Gel. The peelings prevent me from more whiteheads, but there is no effect in improving my enlarged pores or my shallow scars. What should I do to remo