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  1. i don't know if anyone still looks at this thread but i finished my course a while ago. accutane works. i was scared that i was going to be the 5% that doesnt work but i was wrong. it's such a cool feeling when other people compliment my skin. I've had a teacher ask me what i use for my skin b/c I'm always glowing. I'm a male btw. some kid told me my face looks too perfect like i got plastic surgery hahaha. if any one has any questions or concerns about this drug , feel free to message me.
  2. its been low 60s'(chilly for SoCal standards) and i have a tan complexion so not much redness, only face flushing when my body temp goes up
  3. Week 9 haven't updated in a while. football season ended few weeks ago so that means no more football helmet and back pains from tackling lol. haven't had depression or any of the mental side effects. my lips have become dry but they're manageable with bag balm. my vision still seems to decent. as for my skin, I'm seeing improvements. my skin feels smooth and haven't really broken out since the IB. knock on wood. my cheeks still have red spots b/c of hyper pigmentation. the only down side of th
  4. 80 mg a day. headache and tiredness came within 1st few days. i got knee pain 5th day but it went away. lips started to dry out within 1st week along with a few new whiteheads. my face is now starting to dry out in week 2.
  5. Day 14 forgot to put on chopstick last night, so my lips are at the chapped stage also, I'm starting to get dry skin on face.. doesnt bother me much b/c my face isn't oily anymore. when I'm leaning over and straighten my back, i get that achy feeling. also bad squats are harder to do now
  6. Day 10 My lips are not cracking but they are definitely dry now. They absorb chapstick so fast. Muscle aches went away. During football practice, i get migraines for when we start. As for the skin on my face, it hasn't started flaking yet. Whiteheads starting popping up on my cheek and temple out of nowhere.
  7. was prescribed Isotretinoin finally for my moderate acne. with health insurance we only pay $10 every month for Zenatane 40mg. I'm 160 lbs so my dermatologist thinks taking 2 40mg pills a day should be good. Day 8 Finished my 1st week on accutane and i haven't experienced any serious side effects yet. The 1st four days my skin got oily. My lips aren't cracking or swollen yet, just have a dry feeling to it but i put on chapstick often. My face/body hasnt really dried/flaked yet. I play foo
  8. I'm on the same boat as you. I've tried every topical/antibiotic w/ little success. my derm prescribed me accutane today. i would say you have mild acne and a little hyper pigmentation
  9. i posted a topic and it was posted 3 times. can a moderator delete 2 of them
  10. I've had acne since i was 13. it started off mild, and didnt bother me much but it was become moderate over the years. Im 16 now and been on every medication (ziana,solodyn,tazorac,acanya,bactrim) but they all haven't given me results i wanted. i havent been on meds since like January. I've been breaking out bad recently b/c of football. I have a derm appt. wednesday and I'm gona ask to be put on accutane. my derm was gona prescribe me accutane in January but i got scared and didnt do the bloodw
  11. your acne is not even that bad. don't let acne prevent you from doing things you enjoy. i hope the accutane clears you up!
  12. thats not even bad and hows the pHisohex so far? i still use it but don't see many results
  13. im a guy and i have moderate acne. my skin has its good weeks and bad weeks and I'm using topicals atm to treat it, but the same girls that found me attractive before i had acne still find me attractive. i find it really odd b/c i feel so gross