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  1. 1.5mm? Thats small. I was thinking cms at the least. But I guess the smaller the better. Did he make the incisions three times the size of the original scar? I think they do that
  2. Sweet! Thanks for posting. May I ask what kind of scars were they, and how many millimeters were they? Did your surgeon tell you whether he did a double layered closure? Did he explain anything? Just curious. Thanks (:
  3. I posted the question to realself a while a go, and just the other day I'd gotten a reply. I haven't seen a derm yet. My doctor is more concerned with my mental health, though she said next time I come see her she can give me a referal to a derm if it'd make me feel better.
  4. Or "widened" scars? I posted a question on realself. Eeeep. My largest scar is like smooth, looks flat, has edges. He said it may be a spread scar? Thats a new one. Anyone have any input on this term?
  5. I'm sure it'll get better. But if you do decide to have it excised, please do post about the experience.
  6. Can you explain that further. Sorry, confused. So, neither have pores? .-.
  7. Yeah. I'm kind of scared of needling. Plus I'm in and out of my doctors/ psychiatrists and I dont want them baker acting me lol. They would wonder what the red raw spots are and think its some crazy form of self harm > .> But, I'm thinking about getting bangs and trying to let my skin chill. The trinessa is working, but I still have my bad habit of picking. Oh, and I just got put on Zoloft. Ugh. But later on I'm thinking about having it excised if I can. I mean I dont see why not. It
  8. Tiny bumps, unless it's a rash it's probably a clogged pore. I thought scars dont have pores? :o
  9. Does anyone else have this? They're not pimples, by the way.
  10. Yeah. I suppose so; but you never know until you try. I've seen scar revisions on scars similar to mine. Maybe not excision and a straight stitch. They have other techniques. We'll see. Thanks for the info
  11. I can agree that in the best case, those with worse scarring see more remarkable improvement with one treatment or another. But that doesn't mean that those with more mild scarring will never be happy, or see great improvement. I have to disagree with excision making scars worse. You're replacing a wide scar with a thin one, if its done right, and taken care of properly. Though, I have never had one, and few posts on here document... its basically the same thing as having a mole cut out and s
  12. If you've had it for a long time... ie...years, the redness should have faded. And in that case telling you to try something natural like lemon juice, cocobutter, or aloe... it may help very little. If anything the peel could have aggravated it? Usually redness means there is bloodvessles present still, which is common during the healing stage. From all I've read it takes two years for any wound to completely heal. So your scar can still be healing/ filling in. Lastly, going to see a professio
  13. Won't that result in getting a certain tension in the skin there? I don't know, I'm not a surgeon but it seems hard to get rid of a scar like that. Best thing to do is to make your peace with it, if you ask me. It doesn't look bad. I'm sure most people will agree with me on that. Well, maybe not a straight stitch. They have other ways, and they know more about making scars less visible... they do it for a living. You shouldn't have to accept something that bothers you if you dont first seek
  14. You could get it revised. Excision to cut it out, stitch it up... you'll have a line scar in place of it. Best to talk to a plastic surgeon.
  15. Yeah. I understand that my scar is... not as bad as it could have been. Its all good that its flat. But the part that bothers me is the placement and how rough it makes my skin look. And in harsh lighting, it looks really bad. And even just looking at it, I just get all these bad feelings and whatnot. I'd just rather have a line scar. I cant even put makeup on this thing .-. I have a boxcar inbetween my eyebrows that I dislike as well. These aren't my only scars, but they're the ones I want t