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  1. can this be used while on accutane?
  2. same issue. i deal with red marks more than i do with actual acne. i've been advised to put aloe vera gel on my face, but i dont know if it's been making any difference. i'm on my 3rd month of 80mg accutane
  3. what regimen are you doing now? i have the same problem, but on my cheeks
  4. I've been using aloe vera gel for the past two weeks... i don't know if i've noticed any difference
  5. thank you so much for these words. Im putting on aloe vera gel beforei go to bed at night so hopefully that would help. My derm recommended doing that cause i think anything else would be too harsh right now. i just really wwant these to go away. i cant look at myself in the mirror and cringe whenever i see a photograph of myself
  6. Thank you so much for replying! What do you think that i have? i always assumed that what i had was just hyperpigmentation
  7. thank you for informing me. i put the pics as public just to show you guys what im going through.
  8. yes, there was another breakout when i upped my dosage. it has been relatively calm now however
  9. do you think accutane will help me with the current scarring that i have now? im doing accutane through a physician, so idk what options she can present to me (as compared to a dermatologist)
  10. im into my two months and more than the pimples, it's the red marks that really bother me. hang in there! do you have pics of your progress?
  11. same position as you man, except i am on my 6th and final month of accutane...with scars thrown in with the red marks. We just have to be patient and wait it out. I try to not think of the now and just think of the end goal 1-2 years down the line...no acne and getting scar/laser treatments. Just pull through. good luck what products did you use during your course?
  12. i'm a little bit ahead of you in terms of accutane (just started the second month) and i'm experiencing exactly what you're experiencing. glad to know someone else is in the same journey with me. i underestimated the fatigue that came with acne. i go to uni and i nap so much more now since i just get so tired after class. i was 40mg first month and am now 80mg