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  1. Hello all,

    So, I am about 4 months in on accutane; first 3 months I was on 30mg/day, and this previous month I was on 40mg/day. Before this past month I noticed a very slight increase in sweating in my eyebrows. This month It has definitely increased. I can't find too much about this on this site or any other site. I have contacted my derm and waiting for a response, but I was hoping maybe someone could tell me if this is potentially a permanent side effect? There is absolutely no history of hyperhidrosis in my family and I have never had this issue before. Has anyone had this side effect and it gone away upon discontinuation of accutane? 

    Thanks for any responses.

  2. Hello,

    So recently I've been thinking about the history of my skin...It used to be flawless (15 and 16) and I remember my friends using acne scrubs and these fun masks and face washes. So I went out and bought some. I didn't really need it but, I did it anyway. I didn't have an initial breakout but, over the years I began to get more and more zits increasing in severity and I began to use more and more product. It got soo bad about a year and half ago, I had deep cysts that were scarring my face horribly. And i've been on Retin-a .1% for almost a year now! And I still don't have a single day of being clear. It has improved my skin atoooonn. I have a healthy diet and hardly eat diary. I exercise frequently. I don't have hormonal issues. I change my sheets often and am a very clean person. So I wonder what's the dealio? I'm a very healthy twenty year old shouldn't my body be able to fight it off? Also, it seems like as the centuries go on acne get's worse and worse and worse. Maybe, it's the fact that were told we neeeedd to wash off face twice daily because of the oil blah blah blah. we need to moisturize, anti aging creams sdjkfsjdlf. Am i the only one who is thinking about how long humans have been around and how for the majority of the time we didn't really use any of that..... sure sulfur was used and other things in history. But, for the most part it seems like acne was a rare thing.... SOOO that being said. I would love to hear from anybody and everybody regarding your opinions. I'm not claiming to have figured anything out but, It's just a thought I would like to share. To the people who have tried the caveman method did it work for you? how bad was your acne? Do you think I should ween myself off the retin-a or stop cold turkey or not at all?

    Thanks guys!


  3. Hello!

    I have been on Retin-A 0.1% for almost a year now. For the most part I've been very happy with it... but, I guess I'm feeling frustrated. about two months back i was getting foundation matched at the counter and the lady used what seemed like an alcohol makeup remover... or something along those lines. Anyways it gave me a chemical burn for a good week and I suffered from rashes all down my chest. So I kinda had to taper off the Retin-A to every other day so my face wouldn't hurt so bad and be SO red. Also about two months ago I started taking a Zinc supplement. For the first month 30mg a day for the second 50 mg a day. My breakouts have increased and my skin scars so easy. I wonder if anyone has had experience with a Zinc supplement? Or really any comments? I'm just feeling really tired of fighting this acne. The first image of my face is the side that rarely breaks out... It is almost always the other side. I don't get it. I change my pillow cases and everything. Also if someone would recommend an herbal supplement that would be nice too. I think i'm willing to give that a go because I haven't tried that yet.


    Oh also check out my page for other photos of my skin's progress.





  4. (sorry it's kinda hard to see, I have a lot of invisible clogged pores too)


    i was the same way too before I started, nearly clear. From what i've researched/ read/ asked derm/ retin-A cannot become ineffective... maybe a higher dose of retin-a would get you through faster. I'm on .1% micro. But, people use this medication for life! I felt the exact same way you do at six weeks. I was so confused why my skin was getting soooo bad but I decided to stick through it bc it was just soo bad I didn't really have an appealing alternative option. your face really ends up hurting i know :( but, make sure your using a gentle clenser and a thicker moisturizer. for the first 4 months I used cetaphil clenser and thick moisturizer. and never wash your face more than twice... Whhat really scared me into keep using it was the fact that my options after retina were either a hormone treatment or accutane but, neither are a permanent fix... retina you can use your whole life and not build a tolerance too. So to sum it all up the fact is that because you are breaking out means it's working!

    hope I helped. feel free to ask any other questions!

    Oh and thanks for the compliment!

  5. worked for me.. it just takes 3-4 months to settle down. btw all those zits coming up are not being caused by the retin-A those are there regardless. The vit. A just causes those clogged pores to detach and come up. you could be prescribed an oral antibiotic doxycycline to help with the inflammation.. this is me after 8 months...

    when the purging process was really bad..

    and today...

    hope I helped.. GOOD LUCK! best wishes xoxo

  6. OKAY agh i'm perfect to respond to this question! I tried a combo of differin + clindamycin when I was around 17 years old for about a year. So, I noticed I did breakout slightly at first and did regulate my acne for sure but, not completely. So, a few years down the line and many other medications later I came to retin-A and doxycycline (at 20 yrs old).

    1) i'm not entirely sure on that one.. my skin still took 3 to 4 months to be over the purging process even though I had been on a retinoid before. Well, i dunno about faster but, WAY better results in my opinion.

    2) So, the doxy was supposedly meant to keep inflammation down but, seriously I did not notice a difference. But, for some it helps lots. That one really varies. So you could ask your derm to be on it for 3 or so months and you can just jump off of it if your not noticing a difference. And I have tried clindamycen while on retin-a and it made me sooo red and irritated. Listen to your derm sounds like he/ she knows whats up. facials + retin-a i would strongly advise against. retin-a is the most powerful topical treatment and if the wrong things are done to your skin you could end up with serious serious scarring. or just talk to your derm about it bc I dunno which specific facials your talking about.

    3)I vote retin-a all the way. differin just did not really get the job done. Although retin-a has it's initial downfalls with sun sensitivity and your skin being alot more sensitive in general it is 100% better though. so yup :) these are pics of me after 8 months...

    at my worst


    I think the last time my skin was this good was when i was pre-pubescent LOL

    oh yeah and get the micro instead of the cream!

  7. So, I know for a fact that they will not/ should not prescribe you accutane right off the bat unless it's like super omega severe... Accutane is unfortunately a temporary fix. 1 in 4 get acne again which seems ridiculous when a possible side effect could be blindness. retin-A is a topical version of accutane anywho they are both synthetic derivatives of vitamin A. But, I don't wanna ramble with information you already know... BUT have yyou ever thought about hormonal treatments like spironalactone? that's a step up from retin-a and a step down from accutane. my guess is any doctor is gonna make you go through a bunch of medications before the big nuclear bomb of an acne treatment. I hope everything works out though! really! don't lose hope you are still very young and it will most likely go away naturally ;)

    p.s. this is me after 8 months of retina..just for a reference



    i'm 20 btw

  8. So, honestly my skin was slow to really respond well to retin-A for the first 3 to 4 months. After that though I could tell my skin was consistently improving. slow but steady wins the race in my opinion. BTW retin-a and accutane are very similar in the fact that they are both synthetic derivatives of vitamin A. accutane just overdoses your body with the synthetic vitamin A from within and retin-a is just topically doing that. so yeah lol. But, anywhooo I have been and still continue to use retin-a for 8 months and currently use retin-a micro .1%. I have had amazing results I'll post some pics but, also you can go to my profile to see how my skin went through the process. ALSO my skin got soo inflamed as well when I was on the cream version the micro is much much gentler because they put the synthetic vitamin A in tiny little (microscopic) capsules that release the medicine evenly throughout the night instead of the cream which does it all at once. And retin-a fights scarring really well too.

    at my worst...


    Don't loose hope keep with it and I think you will see the results you desire!

  9. THANKS EVERYONE! yeah my skin reacted very slowly to the regimen and felt very hopeless for most of the process because it happens so slowly when you are the person looking in the mirror everyday. I'm so glad my pictures could help people see what retin-A can do. I can't believe it's inspired you two! god that's so cool! I seriously never would of thought that I would here that!!! HA thanks never give up especially with retin-a I think it's one of the best acne fighters out there! Good luck you guys and yeah it really sucks having acne in your twenties... but, stick with retin-a and I think it will clear up !

    also here are more images that show the texture of my skin better... Through the purging process I was getting zits in places I thought didn't have any. It was crazy aand overwhelming.

  10. Hello all!

    I'm new to this forum but, I would really like some help with my skin. So, really quickly about my skin's background.... I have dry to normal skin and have never had a problem with acne until sophomore year of highschool. I would get one large cyst once a week or so and then it just started to snowball. At that point I had tried lots of scripts such as; Differin, Acanya, clindamycen. When I was a freshman in college I finally decided to see the dermatologist again in frustration because it seemed like things kept getting worse and worse. She then prescribed my doxy and retina .05% cream and was on that for 5 months and then switched off doxy and to retina .1% micro. Side note i've been on birth control for something like two years. neither of my parents nor grandparents have had acne, seriously no one in my close or distant family has acne. I exercise 3-4 times a week, eat really healthy, wash my face two times a day, use cerave mosturizer and retin-A at night. So, what's the deal? I'm a 20 year old woman and it seems that it's the time when hormonal acne dies down.... I don't know what to do I still get zits, not as bad as before but, this strange thing is now happening were I'll get a zit and I won't touch it or anything but, it becomes this permanent zit/scar. (sorry huge run-on sentence). Go to my profile to see my journey thus far but, i'll post a photo of how it was at its worst and then now... My dermatologist has recommended accutane but, I REALLY don't want to do that. Opinion, suggestions, advice would be MUCCCHHH APPRECIATEDDDD!


    frustrated person