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    I was a sufferer of severe acne vulgaris from my late teen years which continued well into my adult life. I still have acne even at 48 years old.
  2. Hi Green Gables, Thank you for the insight. I will look into the hormonal aspect of acne. I was put on Accutane when it first came out in 1980 and I wish I never used that drug. The side effects were awful to say the least. My skin never returned to normal after 2 years of Accutane and Teracycline treatments. Now, 30 years later, my skin remained forever damaged from the effects of accutane and tetracycline.
  3. Hi AKL, Yes you are correct. I am now a retired Opera Singer. I am worried about my children because they are just so beautiful and they have inherited the musical ability; however, they are girls. I know how stigmatizing bad acne can be and how it always has a hold on your self esteem no matter what people say. I also believe it much more difficult for girls versus boys. Boys can be considering, rough and tough looking which isn't necessarily a bad thing especially if they are like me wi
  4. From the album: Bassbaritone

    I was always a performer. In the early 80s, I had to use Cake makeup which caused a lot of issues with my acne. Fortunately, as time passed cake make up was replaced and the new make up didn't cause any irritations.
  5. From the album: Bassbaritone

    you can still notice the scars from a lifetime of acne; although, they are less pronounced as I have aged.
  6. Hi All, If you are wondering why an old man like me is on this board it's because of my young daughters. While they are still in grade school it won't be long until the reach adolesence and may have to deal with acne. I had acne vulgaris with large cysts when I was in high school. I only hope and pray that they don't inherit that from me. However, if they do I want to be prepared. Regards, Bassbaritone