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  1. I dont have any spots at the moment but my skin is dry and itchy and i have to apply lip balm constantly!... looking forward to finishing the course of accutane... hope my skin gets a bit oily again when i stop accutane as it is too dry .... impatient... still about 80-odd days to go!!!
  2. gonesurfing

    Day 1

    Hey, I'm on day 19 of 20mg a day of roaccutane. Keep lip balm handy and use a gentle face wash like cetaphil or simple face wash. Don't use any exfoliating washes! Good luck
  3. i feel fine still! spots are better. Although i still have some and new ones do form but not as many as before and skin is sensitive if you squeeze it and breaks.... not as greasy as it was before! i have another month of 20mg and then move onto 40mg before being boosted up to 60!! We will see.... always have my lip balm close at hand but my lips havent started falling off yet so thats a good start!!
  4. Day 11 of accutane. I have been so run down, I don't think it's accutanes fault though, just been too busy! My skin is still getting spots, they seem to go quickly though. My skin still looks terrible! Make up doesn't go on like it did before. My skin is dry and it looks cakey now! Who would have thought that the old grease would have helped so much! I hate those painful zits though that you can feel when you move your face. I think it is getting better, Who knows! I have no confidence with my
  5. Hi, I'm on day 9 of Roaccutane my skin is kind of hot and feels sunburnt, more new spots and make up will not stay on my face. My nose is getting really dry! Been really run down Prob not because of the roaccutane. Feel fine though and happy Please work for me!!
  6. Day 5 of Roaccutane, no major side effects to report. I don't seem to have any new zits forming just old ones that are still there. My skin is sensitive as my pillow has left a mark on the middle of my nose which is still there and looks like a little cut. I'm not particularly dry at the moment. Waiting for that. Got dumped yesterday and still not depressed haha! Not much to report to be honest. Hope this works! I would love to have microdermaroller once i've finished the course of roaccutan
  7. Hi Everyone, I wanted to start a blog to share my experience of accutane. I am 24 and have had acne since I was about 13. I used Zineryt at first and that worked. I can't remember why but I stopped using it, Possibly because my spots had cleared up but after that it never worked again when I went back on it. I was prescribed dianette and that didn't work. I have recently been back on dianette for the past 3 months because my spots seemed to be the worst they have ever been. All on my chin and