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  1. Well I went to see a doc today since it seemed like some sort of infection. Sure enough, it is an allergic reaction to something I had been using. I did some research and realized that this healing cream I had been using on dry patches contained balsam of Peru, a serious irritant. I even used that last night! Errrr... I got a prescription for presidone and Zyrtec. Praying it works, because I need to get back to work The bumps appear to be drying, but my face is still red! Too red and dry to cov
  2. Do not use the Mario Badescu healing cream if you already have sensitive skin. I found out today my acne rash is actually an allergic reaction. I've been using the healing cream liberally the past couple weeks and saw that the first ingredient is balsam of Peru, one of the top irritants according to my research!
  3. I woke up with a serious flare-up on Friday. I believe it was due to scrubbing too hard with a wet washcloth. I had maybe 3 pimples before that, but was irritate with a few patches of dry skin! I went to the clinic today since I dont have insurance and was wondering if the breakout was a bacterial infection. But the doctor said it was an allergic reaction! I'm not sure exactly to what... He gave me some prescription Zyrtec and Medrol dose pack. I'm skeptical for some reason.
  4. The last time I had a serious bout with acne was years ago. With age, and luck I guess, I haven't had to deal with it too much lately. Anyways, I made the mistake of buying a Clarisonic, which started to break me out. Completely freaking out, I started using harsh products on my face which left me super dried out. Then I got frustrated with THAT, and scrubbed my skin to get the flakes off. That must've really done the trick, because while I got rid of the flakes, I ended up with a rash/serious p