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  1. Hey Tracy, this was about 3 years ago so I have no idea but, the fact that you had such a good experience its making me rethink my options, considering he's super close. I'll give them Monday to schedule an appointment.
  2. I just saw him last week! He is a very knowledgeable doctor and is very nice and spent a lot of time talking with me and explaining everything. He told me the raised scars on my chin are hypertrophic scars so he injected them and said that should make them flatten out pretty nicely. He said I can come back in 3-4 months to get needling done on the area if I want as well. He charged me $350 for 3 injections so I didnt think that was very much. He also told me he has no consultation fee so I just
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! So I looked into all of these and the pictures of Davin Lim were incredible. I'm using my miles for flight and stay but Australia is crazy expensive when I'm off from work. My scarring is moderate, mostly in the cheek area. Doing a little research I think a good procedure for me would be subcision, fraxel re:pair combined with bellafill, and re-cell (sight, I wish, no-recell in US). So I'm looking into some of the names you guys given me to see who can perfo
  4. Hi all, it's been a while since I've been here. I had subcision with Dr. Rappaport from NY about 2 years ago. One session for a mix of rolling, boxcar scars. Outcome was mediocre at best, very little improvement and lots of post inflammatory pigmentation that lasted over a yr (still has some). Fast forward to today, I'm still very unhappy with my scarring. So I'm looking to fly pretty much anywhere in the US to get treated. I don't want to just do lasers, maybe a combination of treatment
  5. Even tho I haven't gotten a response from my original concern I would like to update this thread as it could be helpful to someone. The raised areas looked a bit better today and overall my face is less swollen. Undereyes are more purple for some reason. I'm guessing the bruising travels where it can dissipate easier. Something interesting I've noticed, the raised areas are exactly where my true rolling scars were. Also I can see some of the boxcars laying right on top of the bruises. My s
  6. Will do. I'm just worried because its taking a lot longer than expected to heal. He actually recommended subcision and for the next treatment subcision and fraxel to smooth out the edges of the boxcar scars. Which does make sense. He wants to monitor how much my scars improve by subcision alone and asses from there. He is expensive. Altogether it was $915 for one treatment which comes with a small cylindrical suction device to help the results. I did get all or most of my scars treated.
  7. Doctor said mostly rolling and some boxcar scars.
  8. OK so I got my first subsicion with Dr R. I know he has a few bad reviews for being money hungry but he didn't push lasers on me which I didn't want. Its the fourth day since the treatment and all of the scars treated are very bruised and raised still. Is this normal? I was supposed to go back to work tomorrow but will have to get temporary disability because I look like I got shotgunned in the face.
  9. Ok I know this is a very old post, but I figured reviving it would be better since I searched and its very relevant. I've been off accutane for almost four years now and the only side effects that in still seeing are a little bit of redness which is very sporadic and I'm not too worry about BUT ALSO hair loss, not as dramatic as when I was on accutane but still significant, and its beginning to be very noticeable. Please if anyone found a way to regrow your hair after the drug I would love to
  10. Ahhh Gotcha since reading your post I searched him and found a lot of positive reviews, the only thing i didn't like is that according to some reviews he charges for the consultation. Im looking to get subcision as well as other treatments and also have started a supplement regimen that John s. Recommended to me, did you discuss prices for the subcisions and such things? If that's something you don't feel comfortable sharing send me a message, thanks a lot
  11. Hey michi31 are you talking about Dr George Yang, and did you go through with the subcision?
  12. I took accutane a while back like 2 years ago. Ive just been meaning to do something about my scars and its about time. If I have mostly boxcar scarring would subcision help at all?
  13. Yea I want to have multiple procedures done, I'm just looking for a way to start, plus my budget is small right now, I wish I could do laviv :/ It is true the dermapen is kinda new, so far ive read very good things about it. I made an appointment with endurance for friday, I was trying to get some feedback about them from here.
  14. Hello again people, ok so in my last thread I figured I have some rolling, boxcar and icepick scarring. Been searching for a good/affordable ps or derm in north jersey with no luck yet. I also came across the dermapen and it looks like it has given great results to treat scars. Question which one should I do first? And where to go? So far I see dr. Rappaport does subcision around my area but ive read very bad reviews of him here. Also the dermapen is attractive because of the price, so far i