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  1. haha reality, ew gross, haha I dont wanna live just day to day, God is alive!!
  2. haha im sorry I just cant leave this alone, with that said.. Jesus was marred more than any man, he was barely recgonizable! Who can say God must be a cold, distant, angry God if he actually came down!! God suffered more than ANY OF US probably ever will and yet we find it within us to say 'oh man God must really hate me i have acne'
  3. hmmm, my guess is bad stuff happens because people are bad. But anyway, I dont know really why but whats amazing is that instead of staying in Heaven God actually decided to come down and get tortured and killed, haha oh my gosh! that is incredible like just think about that God had everything EVER he owns it all then reduced himself to a 5 foot jewish body and says this is how much I want to be with people
  4. im clear, washing just once a day with Eucerin Pore Purifying Cleanser(used to be clearasil but it got too drying) moisturize just my cheeks and chin where i used to have milia and flax seed oil! a week after I started supplementing the white heads just shead off
  5. well your skin is clear, haha ur beauty will last at least 20 more years haha
  6. haha, that story has got to be the filthiest, right-on example of mankind and how far we've fallen
  7. haha, its all about making you feel good about yourself, seeking approval from yourself and people like me who cant even decide what we want for lunch, much less what we like in or on people.