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  1. I LOVE my Starbuvks iced coffee! Seeing I work full time and then go to classes at night-I feel I can't make it without it,LOL. I am 25 now, had acne since I can remember 12 or 13. Did everything including Accutane. Accutane worked but I couldn't take the side effects (I was 16 at the time)! Went almost bald from it. Wasn't worth it to me. Long story, anyhoots I have been drinking coffee since I was like 18, so I switched to green tea and LOT of water-What a difference!! Not completely clear-
  2. I don't know where you live, but if you have a Borders Books & Music, they have a HUGE Burt's Bees line there. Also pretty much any health food store carries Burts Bees stuff. Or go online and order it BurtsBees.com. Check out there clearance too! Good Luck!
  3. After I pop and/or bleed bad-I definately grab the neosporin-it works wonders!
  4. There were also mass strandings of pilot whales right before the Tsunami hit. Researchers say they knew something was to come. Nature is fascinating!
  5. Try White Tea-suppose to have more antioxidant fighting power I think it tastes a little better than Green Tea too. Its hard to find in a bag form-if you can try to find it in the loose leaf form.
  6. This is actually not as uncommon as you may think. I have had acne (face,chest,and back) since I was 11, now 25. I used everything even Accutane-but besides that...I too got cyst like soars down "there". I am a woman and it was the most painful thing ever! My derm explained that between the shaving and moisture caused an ingrown hair which causes the sore. Usually he would prescribe Cipro (a strong anitbiotic) and Clyndamycin gel, and it would go away in a few days. However, when I was in my tee
  7. Hi Chris-I am new here and just wanted to comment on the Accutane haur loss. I am 25 now, have had acne since 11. I tried everything under the sun, I took Accutane when I was about 16-17 and I worked slightly. However, I couldn't deal with the hair loss! I had thick long hair and it fell out always! Till this day my hair has never been the same-its so thin now! So I only took Accutane for a few months, but I have come across Doryx (i think its an antibiotic) and it is the only thing that cleared