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  1. I've been using benzaclin for four days now and it is really drying out my skin I feel like a snake shedding. BUT I do see improvement especially with the huge cysts I had. The itchiness torments me so much too. I was wondering does your benzaclin dry white? Do you have the same side effects like me? Just some extra info about my benzaclin I have is a generic version i think its called clindamycin
  2. I just recently experienced some swelling under my eye because of my cysts that was near it (it was on the corner of my eye near my ears) and it bothered me a lot because i felt like I was squinting all day and it kept putting pressure towards my eyeballs so it wasnt very pleasant. However, the swelling did went away now after three days and my cysts got smaller too at the same time. I honestly, didn't do much but waited for the swelling to go down. Oh! I did started to do a oatmeal face mask
  3. Im hoping for good results with benzaclin when I get to pick them up at the pharmacy tomorrow. They were so expensive since I do not have insurance, but it really does lighten up my mood to see that it works for you and maybe it can work for me too.
  4. Hmm how's your diet? I stopped eating cow milk, deep fried foods, soda and sugars for about three weeks now. I know that helped o make me break out less and it made me feel lighter since eating healthy. Have you thought about drinking apple cider vinegar? I haven't tried it yet but I read some good reviews on it so I'm going to buy a bottle later to drink some in the morning. Oo the Epsom salt bath feels amazing I usually put more then two cups but that's up to you it will help you relax and wh
  5. Well you can try leaving your face alone for a couple days and start using Epsom salt again. I'm really sorry to hear that it hasn't worked on you yet but it really helped with my painful cystic acne within two days. Try not to use anything for like three days and then only use Epsom salt at night again make sure your using two table spoon of the salt and one table spoon with hot water make it dissolve a lot before putting on. Do not pick your face do not wash with hot water never and another t
  6. you use the epsom salt mask once daily preferably at night before you sleep. My acne bumps went away but I do have those red patches like yours all over my face. I have recently switched on doing a oatmeal mask nightly instead of epsom salt since my pimples are almost gone and now I have to deal with the redness. but i suggest to continue using epsom salt to dry out your pimples right now and maybe also calamine lotion too to help the itch. (the calamine lotion will make your face pretty dry so
  7. try calamine lotion dab some on with a qtip it can help dry it out and hopefully bring it to a head. Or you can also try using epsom salt mixed with water and dab some on.
  8. Okay so its been about 8 days since I started using epsom salt treatment/mask daily before I sleep and my painful pimples and cysts has been almost cleared. I do not feel pain near my jaws anymore and I can sleep much much better now. I am no longer on doxycycline only BCP. I also started to do a turmeric mask every other day before I do the epsom salt mask and also I have used witch hazel for the first time two days ago and I think it has helped keep my skin less oily and soft. It does stink th
  9. I get those a lot and its because the pus is really deep inside your skin and your probably damages the blood vessels trying to pop them. I am using epsom salt and it dries out my cystic acne if it has a head or it brings the head out if it did not already have one also it really helps the inflammation on my skin. Really good product and its cheap to buy
  10. Try epsom salt it helped with my inflammation on my cystic acne and brought it out to a head.
  11. I recently switched to an all natural organic argan oil as a lotion and use it after doing the epsom salt treatment and my skin is starting to feel a lot nicer
  12. jujuchon

    Painful Acne

    I have not heard of oat milk but you made me curious to try it out hopefully it tastes as good as you say it is. I tried almond milk and it wasn't as good as I expected. and for the pear soap sounds pretty pricey but I will do some more research on it to see if I get interested in buying it I don't think I am depressed or have anxiety its more like major stress I am rather thinking on the bright side since I am seeing better results
  13. jujuchon

    Go away acne

    journey to a better and clearer skin
  14. Try Epsom salt mask/treatment once daily before you sleep it helps with the inflammation and brings out the heads on cysts and dries out the ones that is already out.