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  1. There are different kinds of cysts and sometimes they need to be surgically removed, they can last for a long time. My mom had one for over a year and had to have it cut out. Your lymph nodes are swollen? You think there's cysts in those areas or what? Swollen lymphs can be a sign of infection or allergies. Mine always feel swollen when my allergies are acting up. These cysts are the weirdest things to happen to me acne-wise, but is having them surgically removed the only option? I'm a guy w
  2. Hello, a while ago back in the summer I took accutane for six days and was very skeptical about doing it since a few side effects appeared after a couple of days of use. So a little bit after that I just didn't go back to the derm that prescribed the accutane to me and started using Dan's regimen, however, I knew from the start that it wasn't going to be a permanent solution. Since the beginning of this month, I've found two hard cyst in my scalp, and with using the regimen I guess my acne's mi
  3. Its moderate/mild compared to most serious cases, but it can get really bad if left untreated.
  4. Hello, this is my firsy post on this site; I'm 18, Black, I weigh about 133/140, I live in Miami, and I've been taking Accutane for six days now. On my first day I felt weak for about 20 mins and I had ringing in my ear; a couple of days later, I got some joint pain in my elbow and lower back and I started sleeping longer than usual. My derm thinks that the ringing in my ear and extra sleep isn't coming from the Accutane and he thinks that I should keep taking it, "give it some time". I hon