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  1. i have started the regimen around 1 month ago i keep getting spots i counted 9 small and large i am following the regimen and using around 1TUBE PER DAY. Around three fingers worth what could i be doing wrong. i tried looking at the "why not working section" i followed the advice. I dont have severe acne i just want it gone. Pls i am in desperate need of help.
  2. will accutane get rid of my brown marks i think they are hyper pigmentaion from previous spots. thanx
  3. how long does it take for the regimen to work. wot did some of u change to your routine 2 make it work. thanx guys
  4. where did u get this stuff 4rm man
  5. wats products u use? im from the uk 2 thanx man.
  6. does any 1 know the best products to use in the uk and where 2 buy them from and how effective are they in comparisions to dans? also is oxy on the spot 2.5% anygood?
  7. tea tree works as an antiseptic its it kills of the infection in the spot. i dnt know if you were using pure tea tree that could be irriating. Get the tea tree lotion. Remember once in the morning and once at night.
  8. hi im gona share sumthing wit u lucky people it is the only topical agent that ever cleared my acne up. its called TEA TREE OIL LOTION. Its natual and it has worked for every1 i know and within days. Do this, if the regimen isnt working then go out and buy the lotion. However i must stress it doesnt work if you have used antispectic to clear spots b4. Give it 7 days ull see a very big diferent and no side effects. Once you got the lotion then apply a large generous but nt crazy amount all aro
  9. dear every1 i am currently taking minocin to help with my acne and every time a spot goes away it leaves a brown mark afterwards is this normal. before taking minocin i didnt leave any marks. I am of brownish complextion so it maybe something to do with pigmentation. Is there anything i can do. thanx 4 ne help
  10. i have just cleared my self of acne with the use of minocin. But they left dark patches on my forehead. I was wondering if this unraised brown mark would go away with chemical peeling. another question is that i leave these brown marks after acne goes away so i have been prescribed accutane will this do anything to help them and could i use a chemcal before accutane. I have been advised against using chemical peels after accutane. - Thanx for any help
  11. hi i am of indian apperance and have noticed a brown stain on my forehead a long with darkening of skin. My dermatologist said this is tetracyline induced pigmentation i was wonder if there is anything that could be done to at least improve this. and will this get better with time i was taking tetracycline for 3 years. Thank you for any help.
  12. i have been using the regimen for round 3 days now and have noticed no new pimples. I am supposed to start accutane in 3 days. My question is will continous use of the regimen stop the intial breakout you get with accutane. thanks for any advise.