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  1. RightMeow

    Puffy Face From Spironolactone?

    Sounds like an allergy! It could be an allergy to Spiro, or something else you're taking. Any new lotions? makeup? cleansers? topicals? I found a water bottle keeps me hydrated. I quit soda about a year ago so it's easy to drink water all the time. If you make it a point to keep a water bottle next to you, you'll drink it all. I drink multiple bottles a day. You can buy a reuseable bottle (if you're feeling green) or buy a 24 pack at the store.
  2. RightMeow

    Accutane Video Journey

    Why are you feeling miserable? Health issues or emotional? I think your skin is looking great! If you want to speed up the process you can always ask for a topical to use as well. You'll more than likely want one once you complete your accutane trial (to maintain the clear skin).
  3. RightMeow

    My Cure - When Accutane Didn't Last

    Yes, 2 full trials. The 3rd one being interrupted when I started having health issues. Of course, they started me on 40mg (a month or two?) then went up to 80mg. (40mg twice a day) You wouldn't believe the amount of times I heard from Dermatologists "Third times a charm!" I think the biggest problem that I had with Accutane was that I thought it was the ONLY "cure". My skin looked awesome on it. Once I completed my trial, it stayed flawless.. until exactly 12 months later. Every time it would co
  4. RightMeow

    New To Spiro

    Eek..I've been on aczone/tazorac before. I did it for a month before I decided it was making my skin worse! I felt so depressed and my skin felt like it was on fire! I'm glad you're sticking it out. But know that tazorac works for some people, and doesn't work for others. Many people would disagree with me giving up on something within a month, but my advice is to know your skin. Only you know if your skin usually reacts quickly (good AND bad) to products. For me personally, my skin can break
  5. Hi, just stopping by to share my story. I'm a 22 year old female that struggled with acne since age 13. I've been to numerous dermatologists and have been prescribed everything from antibiotics, retin-a, aczone, tazorac, birth control, and finally Accutane. The Accutane worked beautifully (I was also taking Aleese (BC) at the same time). Once I stopped my Accutane cycle (6 months 80mg I think?), my skin stayed clear. That is until exactly 1 year when it came back just as bad as it was befo
  6. RightMeow

    Accutane Video Journey

    Looks great! Are you feeling better about your neck? It looks like it's going down a lot!
  7. RightMeow

    Accutane Video Journey

    I am using Cerave Foaming Cleanser, it's gentle but cleans very well. You can buy it from Walgreens. My dermatologist recommended it. Cysts are just a type of severe acne. Topicals help acne. While it may take longer to heal than normal whiteheads, they do help. You can wash your face twice a day with the cleanser. Then apply a nickle size amount of Acanya (or similar perscription) all over the areas that you usually break out. Like stated before, you should look into the CVS Drawing Sa
  8. RightMeow

    Accutane Video Journey

    James, there's no way Accutane makes your skin worse. I mean, there may be an initial breakout. But since it disables your oil glands, it WILL clear your skin. I think you'll see a big difference in 40mg.. Personally, getting injections on a regular basis scares me! I know a handful of people who have permanent icepick scarring from cortisone injections. Aren't they expensive too, $100 a pop? Your dermatologist gets paid out really well for those shots. Those injections may even be irritating
  9. RightMeow

    Accutane Video Journey

    About the redness, I can't say for sure if I had redness or not during Accutane. Honestly I've always had a pinker tone on my face (probably because of the nightly topical use) and makeup just covers up any pink/redness on my face. What I do know is that acne has left red/pink scars on my face which is super frustrating, but getting better each day! I know sleeping on your back is hard, have you switched your laundry detergent to one for sensitive skins (no perfumes, or harsh ingredients)? I
  10. I would switch from Cetaphil Cleanser to Cerave Foaming Cleanser. Also, I would make sure that the Neutrogena SPF moisturizer is Non-Comedogenic, it should say it on the bottle, if it doesn't invest in one that is! I've heard bad things about Burt's Bees facial products, mainly that they are Comedogenic which can clog pores. As far as topical perscriptions, I have had really good luck with "Acanya". It's hard to tell how bad your skin really is without pictures. If it's mild, the abov
  11. That's funny you mention that, I browsed the Holistic forums on here one day and convinced myself to: 1. Get an food sensitivity/allergy test 2. Stay off Dairy Well, the "no-dairy" diet lasted, literally 3 days. HA, I love my chocolate..and I spent $250 going to an allergist who said I didn't have anything. So I felt pretty stupid... For some people, a change in diet helps them.. but from the before/after pictures I've seen on the holistic forums. It's people with literally 3 zits BEFORE..then c
  12. RightMeow

    Spiro, Epiduo And Minocyclin

    Hey, hang in there! I'm been on 50mg Spironolactone a little over a month now.. I feel your frustrations. Have you been taking pictures? I have found that it's really been helping me with this whole process. Some days I wake up and I think my skin looks horrible, but then I look back at pictures from 2 weeks ago and really see an improvement. It may help you, you don't have to show anybody the pictures but yourself.
  13. Thank you Oh no I don't think they will interfere ! Just don't know whether to come off dianette before the end of my roaccutane course or at the end of my roaccutane course to prevent another major breakout as that's what I keep reading on the dianette forums on this website ! Wow you cleared up in 60 days , happy for you , what dose were you on ?? I know it's far to early to see any difference on roaccutane , im breaking out more and more each day ATM and have back ache and muscle aches which
  14. RightMeow

    Accutane Video Journey

    Oh yes, you'll be clear like a baby's bottom. Trust me..You can always ask your doctor to up you to 40mg a day if you don't see even the slightest difference in a month...but you saying you have abdominal pains at 20mg is a bit worrisome.. so you'll want to discuss it with your doctor. As far as training yourself to sleep on your back..When I first started I found that I had to put one normal pillow under my knees & one pillow underneath each arm. The arm pillows will help you from turnin
  15. RightMeow

    Accutane Video Journey

    Yay, good for you! Stick it out with the Accutane, it WILL work. You'll see more dryness within a month and definite clearance within 2 months. In the meantime, maybe you can pinpoint exactly why you breakout on your neck. Do you sleep on your stomach or side? Have you tried switching up your shaving routine? I have similar issues that you do, except in a different spot. Completely clear on parts of my face, then cysts all along the jawline. I started sleeping on my back instead of my stom