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  1. OMG, the IDIOCY!!! There is so much misinformation on creatine is freaking UNBELIEVABLE. You DO NOT lose the gains you got from creatine, all it does is make you lift heavier weights, it lets you push that last rep in that you couldnt have otherwise. The water retention is just temporary and doesnt occur with CEE (creatine ethyl ester), only the monohydrate version. That weight you lose when you stop is the water being flushed out, the muscle gains you made from the inscreased strength gains R
  2. I ordered my BP gel over a week ago using PayPal, and didn't recieve any confirmation of the shipment status. I have the PayPal reciept in front of me, but nothing from Acne.org. I tried e-mailing them but since haven't recieved any response. What's going on? Who can I contact?
  3. I need something that can tan my face fairly well and look real. I've been checking out St. Tropez and this is apparently, top of the line stuff. HOWEVER, it is FULL of comodegenic ingredients. Has anyone used this successfully on their face?
  4. Dan, In all honesty, absolutly. I whole-heartedly endorse your BP gel.. and anything you will release in the future and I'm sure almost everyone else here will too. If the quality is good, the price doesn't matter that much to me, by the way.
  5. So... I've had acne and small blackheads since I was 13. I'm 17 now and I noticed ed this small whitehead on the side of my nose. Now, my nose always seemed redish, shiny and just plain, unclean... blackheads.. blah. So anyway, I took 2 pieces of tissue and wrapped them around my fingers... I pressed against the tip of my nose and one side of the nose (if you can imagine that... just one side of the nostril basically). What happened next was unbelievable. small fine lines of thick pus came out o
  6. So is this thread gonna die down with all the others or does this shit really work?
  7. Never mind... just read on the other forum... So I can't wet my face EVER? Ouch that seems.. very... wierd... The steam from the hot shower would HAVE to get on my face one way or the other... hmmm... BUT, I'll give it a try. /
  8. Quick questions that didn't seem clear to me: 1) If you come back from a hard workout or have dirt on your face and do this during the night (or morning) won't it just mix with the dirt and enter the pores/huge mess on the face? 2) What about showering? I shower at night so will I have to wait untill my face is dry to do this? 3) How many times a day does it have to be done?