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  1. Well i have 10 mg pills, and i have to take 3 pills with my last meal of the day. I noticed when i take 30 mg at once, i have some breakouts here and there. But when i take it 3 times daily @ 10 mg, i don't have any breakouts and my skin feels better.
  2. What is the difference in taking accutane spread out the day, for example 3 times a day 10 mg mg, and taking the whole accutane dose at once? My derm told me to take 30 mg at once.
  3. Yeah accutane inflammates it. So it's more red. When you finished your accutane cycle, the spots/marks will fade away.
  4. I don't know? Can i use that in combination with roaccutane? I also have little scars on my face, because when i was a baby i had "milk pimples" (i don't know the word in english for it) on my face. What about scarzone? Can i use that in combination with roaccutane?
  5. I'm 2 months on roaccutane now @ 30mg/day. My acne cleared up, but i still have red spots. I asked my derm why they don't fade and she told me that's because of roaccutane. Yeah right... I have red spots on my forehead for like 5 years now, and those didn't fade away either. My question is what i can use best to help fading those spots away. I've read the FAQ, but i'm not sure what to use. I don't have severe red spots. I don't care how much a treatment will cost me, i just want to get rid of th
  6. I work out 5 days a week. 4 of those in the morning after eating my breakfast, shower etc. On the days i work out in the morning, do i have to apply my regimen (botchla's regimen) before or after the workout?
  7. I'm using Benzoyl Peroxide gel 5% for 3 days now, and my skin is all cracked up, red, dry like hell, and i have brown spots everywhere. It looks disgusting, especially those brown spots. Does anyone also experience brown spots?
  8. I want to try botchla's regime, but i live in the Netherlands and drugstore.com doesn't ship products to other countries beside the USA. Does anyone know a webshop with botchla's regime-products and also ships to the Netherlands?