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  1. Okay, thank you! I agree that little by little adding in the higher dosage would be best. (as long as the lower dosage will continue to work) I shall ask my doctor for a prescription then
  2. Thank you for the info, I am trying to remain positive! Will increasing the percentage cause my skin to go through the process all over again, like starting from week one?
  3. I just now saw your post and it sounds really similar to mine! Although, I have been using it for only 10 weeks.
  4. This is a long post but I would greatly appreciate feedback!! First post ever and in need of some advice! I am on the 2nd day into my 10th week of Tretinoin gel 0.01%. 10 weeks ago I was having a pretty bad breakout(never had very bad acne, but this was horrible &all over) Anyways, they were mostly Papules on my cheeks, few Pustules.(but there were some) and a lot of skin colored bumps (not deep ones, weren't painful. They just would never go away nor would they turn into anything) mostly