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  1. thank you! i'm going to try to still be as confident as possible lol. thank goodness its just this side of my face right now *knock on wood* so i'll probably part my hair so only the smoother side shows. and yea, im starting to obsess over my skin because i really dont understand what the problem is or why i go from periods of extremely clear skin to this. it's frustrating
  2. Hi guys, I've been trying everything to get my acne under control..it was clearing up sooooo well in october but now it's back again. Im going to go on BCP again but in the meantime would you consider these pimples cysts? should i ice them? im going out tonight and i reallyyy am feeling kinda depressed because i dont like how my face looks. any tips to make this look better by tonight? i have some makeup and concealer too. happy news years! warning...not the prettiest sight lol
  3. wow this is great congrats! i've never heard of LUSH products but i will def look into them. it's amazing how well skin can heal itself. def trying to go the more natural root too
  4. You're welcome! Perioral dermatitis is usually treated with oral/topical antibiotics, sulfur w/ sodium sulfacetamide or azelaic acid. Pretty much the typical anti-acne treatments. Since your skin has gotten worse, I strongly advise you to go back to your derm. It's probably a combination of my screen, the lighting in the pic and your dark skin. Again, it may be just the pic, but have you started scarring? it's probably my camera lol. and yes i have! i've had acne since i was 9 so my s
  5. thank you!! i just researched periolal dermatitis and it realllyyy matches what im going through. i have no idea how to fix this. I knew it had to go beyond my normal acne because I have these small sometimes pus filled itchy bumps around my mouth and its spreading to my jaw and cheek. oh boy oh boy, no clue what to do. and oh darn, i thought these were clear pics lol
  6. SAME! i actually posted a thread about it not too long ago. whats so sad is how much research is lacking behind the causes of acne. it's almost like no one really cares lol
  7. hello, i am 19 and i have never experienced acne like this. ive had since i was 9 but my skin has never broken out along my jaw line in such a way and it's making me very upset. my skin is EXTREMELY dry and flakey and it often looks like i have small little white specks all over my jaw/mouth that sometimes look like dozens or small whiteheads. what is that?? please help me, my skin hurtsss and it itches all the time around my jaw line. i've been using tazorac at night with jojoba oil/cetaph
  8. thanks my primary doctor gave me one prescription and told me to use them "short-term". idk what that means.
  9. Hello, I have been on doxycycline for 6 weeks and there is only one pill left in the bottle. I do not really plan to get a refill because its my first time taking them and I dont want to get hooked on them honestly. On top of antibiotics, I am taking a probiotic, milk thistle, msm, vitamin c, primrose oil, omega 3-6-9, and i multivitamin. and my diet is quite strict..low GI foods, lots of fruits, veggies, water. topically, I am using tazorac at night and azcone gel during the day. I wa
  10. Hey guys. I went to the dermatologist today and I was disappointed by the field's lack of understanding of the causes of acne. She constantly bashed natural methods of treatment. I was put on 0.05 tazorac cream and doxycycline. I hope this works.
  11. Omega 3 doesnot work for every one. Cut it down and see how it works. Try having zinc rich foods like pumkin seed oil as you loose zinc from sweat. Omega 3 doesnot work for every one. Cut it down and see how it works. Try having zinc rich foods like pumkin seed oil as you loose zinc from sweat. Good connection. Thanks I will try to add some zinc in.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I've been using epiduo for a year now. But during the past five years I've used Benzaclin, retin a, clindamycin, among others. I'm surprised this is a common issue. I thought I was the only one lol. Maybe it is sweat...I sweat a lot..but then I don't think it's just sweat because it's literally the same week in May every year..it's so strange. Maybe I'll use acne research as an excuse to live in different climates for awhile. My skin is starting to clear up a bit ac
  13. I'm new here. I posted this topic in the severe acne section but after learning that I dont possibly have severe acne, I'm moving it here. I've been reading through these forums for some time now but I just now made an account. Pretty excited! Anyway, Throughout 3/4 (fall, winter, half of spring) of the year, my skin is pimple free like this: but in the summer, it erupts. I feel my skin getting oilier around mid may and by early june, I have a full breakout on my right cheek, then my forehead
  14. Thanks. I've actually been using epiduo for a year since my last summer breakout in 2011. it kinda doesnt matter what i use...the breakout comes and then it goes beyond my control. i literally feel my skin getting extra greasy and oil in mid may and by early june, I have a full blown breakout on my right cheek, then forehead, then left cheek...lol my skin likes consistency i suppose. And omg yes, thats why im super afraid of even using the anti-biotic. I was put on birth control 2 summer's ago a