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  1. Mildly interesting: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/body/skin-can-smell/ http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/vaop/naam/pdf/jid2014273a.pdf
  2. I wouldn't really do anything, your skin is fine.
  3. +1 to subcision + sculptra. Finish it off with some facial hair and you'll be good to go. Fat grafting won't do much for acne scars - since fat is too soft/palpable and sinks back down with the scar. Your main temporary options are hyaluronic acid fillers - which are more for finishing touches and not overly deep scars and they last 6 months - a year OR something like sculptra/radiesse - which is more a deep filler and it works kinda like scaffolding attracting collegen to grow - it last
  4. There's also stuff like "facetite" but not sure how well it works.
  5. A combination of high concentarion (not the 2% they sell at drug stores) aha/bha usually works fairly well at making the pores look smaller. Here's a good read on enlarged "pores." [Removed]
  6. Doing fractional co2 for that is a waste of time & money. Not only will it likely not help, it has the risk of side effects + a long recovery period. You should try 14% aha (http://www.drugstore.com/alpha-hydrox-aha-swipes/qxp391208?catid=182993) or prescription retinols (differin/retin a). They're much more likely to help.
  7. For the "official" stuff: The official dermapen is ~$400 for the personal (fixed needles - sold with 0.5mm but you can swap out to 1.5mm ($75 for 5)) and although prices aren't listed, I'm gussing ~$700 for the professional and ~$1000+ for the medical version. The my-m http://bellaireindustry.com/my_m.html you can get the official version for around $450-$500. The mesopen http://www.bellaireindustry.com/mesopen.html - not sure on price. The eclipse http://www.eclipsemicropen.com/ is ar
  8. There are at least a dozen different "electronic" microneedling devices - don't limit yourself to just the dermastamp purely for the "brand name". ie http://www.invasix.com/Fractora_7. Choose the best doctor/clinic, ideally someone who has multiple devices and combines them in one treatment session. 1. Maybe some mild numbing cream and an alcohol swab, but otherwise I don't think so. 2. It can cause further scarring if done on areas with active acne 3. It's not advisable, since you're goin
  9. Your attachment didn't work. The issue with lasers is most people think of them as a "one and done" procedure. In reality, you'll most likely be disappointed with your improvement unless you do 3-5 fractional co2 lasers at aggressive settings. You'll see some improvement after 1 but just keep that in mind. Fraxel is also a brand of laser, make sure he's using an actual co2 laser on you at aggressive settings and not the re:store.
  10. I actually got fairly good improvement and had 2 more treatments done (combination with laser (3 pulse depth), subcision, filler), was just waiting to post until everything was done + could see final result & since this thread turned into a debate about lasers. GBKderm in SD started using it - but according to their medical reports it has no real benefit + more risks compared to the deepfx, since according to them 2mm is more than enough to get the max benefits of lasers. It's useful fo
  11. Old school co2 or fractional co2? With either, if you go super aggressive settings (which you should) - you're looking at a week of downtime + 1-2 months of varying degrees of redness/pinkness for the spots you treat (but you can play it off as a tan/burn).
  12. You can get 0% improvement, 20% improvement, 60% improvement, 80% improvement or anywhere in between - it's not something that can be "predicted." Most people who do the highest settings with a good doctor with multiple sessions usually get 30-60% improvement.
  13. Dr Lam is probably the biggest expert on silicone for acne scars. I agree though - the pictures on his site aren't that impressive, but IMO that's what the results are actually like vs the pics Dr Channing has on her site and why I said the OP should go look at them.
  14. Dr Lam is the best "known" doctor in the US that performs silicone microdroplet injections. He has a bunch of actual pics on his site.