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  1. Just to put my two-cents worth in here... I used to model and stuff, so I guess you could say that I'm an attractive woman. But I'm also silly, and down-to-earth, and pretty smart too (If I say so myself LOL). I don't think you can tell what someone is like until you get to know them. I've always been judged by people to be a bitch or snob- and I can tell you, I'm anything but! I've always dated guys that were not gorgeous or buff - but funny, trustworthy and nice (and married one that is a
  2. I wish I would've started the Regimen like this - it would've saved me a lot of pain & suffering. I think you're on the right track! Good luck!
  3. Great work - you look awesome! Thanks for posting these- I always like to see more success stories!
  4. Hi, car. I'll try to answer as much as I can - not that I'm an expert or anything. My opinion is that if you only rarely get pimples, the Regimen might be a bit strong for you. It is a big money and time commitment, and if you don't have to do it I personally wouldn't. If you do decide that you want to try it anyway, my advice is to just use a little bp, not the large amount that Dan outlines. Personally, I had fairly mild-moderate acne and I can't use the large amount with my sensitive s
  5. Personally I've tried all these things that people suggest, and have been on the "lite" version of the Regimen (pea-sized amount at night only) - and found I still have flaking. I've been on the Regimen for 5 months now, or something. I use Spectro Derm for washing, Eucerin Renewal in the mornings and Cetaphil moisturizer at night (and Dan's gel for bp). I must have extremely dry/sensitive skin or something. I don't scrub, but still have flaking and reddened skin. Wish I could offer some advi
  6. Hi, Miriam. Sure, I'd love to share some info on how I made the Regimen work for me! First of all I'll say that I think the Regimen is right on the money, as far as the principles behind it. I completely believe now that irritation causes my breakouts (along with hormones, but that's another story). As far as the kind of acne I had before, at times it was moderate (like during my pregnancy) but for the most part I'd say it was mild (a few new breakouts every morning). They were always whi
  7. I use Spectro Derm to remove make-up, and wipe it gently with those cotton squares. I also use a separate eye make-up remover for my mascara. I like this idea of using Aloe Gel... where do you buy this kind of thing? Any name brands you can tell us?
  8. I can completely relate to your story, Jacob. When my skin was at it's worst, I avoided mirrors, being photographed, and (because I'm a girl), I just slathered my face with make-up. I actually became superstitious and thought that if I even THOUGHT my skin looked better, that it would cause me to break out again. It does seem like a sick joke sometimes (like when I broke out on my wedding day!). I'm so glad that you've found something that works for you. I have had great success with the Re
  9. I have also found that using bp once a day worked for me. My skin just couldn't handle the larger amounts. I actually dropped the amount I use a night too, and found that I've had reduced irritation and redness but still remain perfectly clear. I've switched from Cetaphil for cleansing, to Spectro Derm, and use less Eucerin Renewal on my chin (where I experienced the most irritation and redness. This is also where I mostly broke out before). I have also stopped any kind of manual exfoliatio