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  1. My sister tried Manuka honey for 2 weeks fo her severe cystic acne and it didn't do anything. Hi, curious about your use of manuka oil. I just ordered some; does it work on cysts that have been there a long time and are really deep? I've got these cyst/sac like things that have been there for months.
  2. Day 1 I have been giving in for the last 3 days but I haven't gotten any breakout ever since I started taking zinc monothionine. I used to breakout on my jawline and forehead with whiteheads but now I don't so i want to thank I Ichance 23 for his timely advice.
  3. Yeah that is quite dumb to say but did he say it in front of other people?
  4. no bro i am here it's day 4 for me I am having a hard time right now but I know I can do it, keep it up guys and try not to watch too much porn..
  5. let's just all work harder now day 0 too.
  6. lol apparently we loose zinc when we masturbate so this could be why zinc methionine works for people who have acne that is exacerbated by masturbation. I bought some zinc yesterday at wholefoods but I couldn't find zinc methionine so instead I chose zinc monomethionine thinking is the same.
  7. ice worked fortunately and also using sangre de grado overnight but I hate that it lookes dark, oh well.
  8. day 2- keep it up my friend.. i need u to keep posting.. day 3 is usually hard for so watch out I am in with you guys, DAY 1.
  9. My scars are exactly like this. I have one deep/red huge one on my right cheek and scattered array of scars on my left, shallow ones that are all red so they look deep too. Although I just finished accutane, I would suggest exactly what the above says. Use retin-a to promote healing. and moisturize! moisturize! to provide a better environment to healing as well. I would try to clear your acne as much as possible and go for subcision and/or fillers and lasers (this board seems to have alot of goo
  10. No because women dont lose zinc like guys do when we ejaculate.
  11. So a few months ago i had some horrible acne breakout with nodules and cysts and I did not treat it but instead let time do its thing and now I am left with what I onsider rolling scarring or icepick. Can someone provide me any info on What I have considering that I also have marks. This pictures are taken under harsh lighting and with a retina display camera so it picks up every detail. Any suggestions, will dermarolling help? Is su vision my last hope? Of course I still suffer from acne but