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  1. Sorry I didn't really answer much of your questions from your first post! I started seeing reduction of oil pretty quickly..id say by the end of the second week but then again I started in the winter. I wasn't really keeping track but I think by the end of the first month I didn't have many active spots left, maybe like two or three. Its hard to say when you'll be clear because everyone is different...I was lucky at the time and was pretty much clearing up by the end of the first month. I'm also
  2. I always had pretty good skin growing up, with the occasional pimple right before my period but it was always one or two small ones that would go away in less than a week. I also always wore some sort of makeup because I had a bad habit of picking those one or two pimples, which left dark scars on my tan, ethnic skin. No matter what I used on my skin though, I didn't seem to break out from it. Around freshman year of college, I had a few more pimples due to drinking and harder classes, but again