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  1. lxEllaBella


    Okay, So in my other blogs i've been talking about how much my skin has improved - well, i've recently gone back to square one and i've been back to the GP who's put me back on Tetracyclide. I've been back on it for about a month now and my acne seems to be getting worse, I've ditched the make up & clense every morning and every night, as well as this i've altered my diet so i'm eating alot more healthier. I was just writing to see if anyone had any other tips on how to get rid of them? I'd
  2. Here we are again Acne bloggers, this time I thought i'd write about how I apply my makeup to cover any blemishes yet without smothering my face in a cake-like fashion. Important... I have a really small amount of acne at the moment, so its pretty easy to just apply one layer and get an even coverage, but this piece of advice is from when my skin was very bad. I used to use a face scrub beforehand, Organic ones are usually the best! (See my product recommendation blog entry for some other
  3. I haven't posted on here since my first story, so I decided I'd post to help out you all. I've tried lots and lots of products both for blackheads and acne. The first one i'd recommend is the Garnier pure active Exfo-Brusher wash, the added brush on it it brilliant and your fac feels squeaky clean and free of oils afterwards. I, however, wouldn't reccomend it to get rid of quite severe acne - light to medium acne and this will do the trick to calm it down but severe acne it just burns and makes
  4. lxEllaBella

    My Skin Story - So Far...

    Thankyou so much for your lovely comments (: It is true, having clearer skin has boosted my confidence millions (:
  5. I took Tetracycline for a whole year, I did notice a big big difference but if you miss a day of taking it then bam - your back to square one. I would recommend trying it and i'd also recommend applying Sudocrem to just the affected area before you go to bed of a night, I suffered with the same kind of acne for 4 years and when I went to my doctor she told me it was caused by bacteria underneath the skin and put me straight on Tetracycline - One year on and my skin is better than ever. So yeah -
  6. I had alot of trouble in Primary school, and once I moved into secondary school and my parents split I developed very severe acne, so maybe the stress caused it to become worse? Now i'm settled and alot older my acne has dissapeared. I'm not too sure wether this is a sufficient reason for my acne but this post did make me think that maybe the two where linked in some way ...
  7. lxEllaBella

    Severe "strawberry Nose" Help?

    My sister suffers with the exact same thing, we found a tool for getting rid of blackheads in the Body Shop, Its hooked on both ends and it gets rid of blackheads quickly and effectively. Also, Garnier do a product line especially made for deep-pore cleansing. Before applying any creams or touching the affected area make sure you've washed your hands! Clean hands are essential for the clearing up of any skin related imperfections! Try not to keep scratching at them or popping them as it only mak
  8. lxEllaBella

    My Skin Story - So Far...

    So, here I am - 4 Years since I got my first ever spot and writing a blog to help all other teen-acne-sufferers. I had completely flawless skin until I was 12, it started off just the odd spot here and there and ended in a full on mask of spots I was in Senior school at the time and other girls my age had flawless skin and would complain when they had one tiny little pimple - I used to wish I was them, I wouldn't once complain if I had just one spot... My skin got to the point where I would