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  1. The only real question about course selection is how many AP courses my parents are going to make me take

  2. I'm a human, raised by elves. - buddy #elf

  3. Did not do any homework this weekend #tenpointsforgryffindor

  4. Pizza and a frappuccino #youknowit

  5. Good luck with life

  6. I had somewhat of the same problem and then I started using AHA instead of the acne.org moisturizer and it worked wonders.
  7. I agree with murph. Talk with your parents and give them concrete examples of how acne is affecting your life and tell them that going on Accutane would really help a big part of your situation. You might know the side effects of it, but if not, really research into it before acting.
  8. So I didn't know where to put this but here goes. I am in high school and because of my tough class load and lots of extracurriculars, I find myself having to stay up late, and because my parents try to help but don't really understand they'll get me those bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos which have loads of sugar and milk, which I know are at least partial causes of my acne. Basically, I need something to help me stay up, whether at night or at school the next day, that won't cause me acne. I don
  9. I would recommend the regimen. If you chose to embark on it, you should probably do some research, though. Whatever you choose, though, just stick with it.
  10. Are you into homemade products? Because if so you could do a mask of honey or turmeric. Sorry, I don't have as much experience as others with so much other stuff. I just do the Regimen
  11. I would look at the reviews for AHA. There is a possibility that you will have an initial breakout and some redness, but apparently it works wonders, which is why I have my first bottle coming in the mail. I was looking at the blemish gel, which is what I'm pretty sure you're using, and it just seems that the active ingredient is tea tree oil. You can always buy pure tto and experiment.
  12. What spot treatment gel were you using before? Both AHA and treatment( is that benzoyl peroxide?) can cause a small breakout when you first start using them. No, the products are not tested on animals.
  13. Ok, well I'm not on Accutane, I'm using Dan's regimen. But I completely agree with acne being a good thing. I have realized that if I don't want others to judge me by my looks, I shouldn't judge others by theirs. I'm a lot friendlier than I used to be, and I have a lot more friends than before. Great minds think alike.
  14. Devotions before ACT prep? #check #YOLO

  15. Hi everyone, so I am using Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash and while it is clearing up the scars and some acne spots, it is also giving me some light red itchy spots with a little pimple in the middle. Is this normal? I know that with Dans body regimen, it causes some redness.
  16. Though I don't have firsthand advice with Accutane, I have read on the forums that you can't do much while on Accutane, because your skin is a lot more sensitive. You just need to stick it out and give it some time. I've also read that the higher amount of Accutane you take, the less chance of relapse. The redness will go away eventually and then you can conquer the world!
  17. I love the new design of the website. Just one thing, and that would be to make sure that the community/forums are always prominently displayed. That was what made me choose the regimen, that I realized that Dan (and everyone else who works on the site) wants us to get clear, even if it isn't with his stuff. But other than that it looks great!