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  1. So my last login was from November of 2013.... Now I'm back. This time to offer some help, advice, and insight. I'm going to spend a decent amount of time writing this - so I hope someone reads this and finds it helpful. So November of 2013, a junior in college. University of Tampa - where everyone is near perfect. Suffering from acne. Taking a cab to my dermatologist appointment. Same visit per usual - quick glance at my skin and an increase in dosage of my doxycycline. I leave extremely
  2. What I have is like a hard ball under my skin. I guess it's not really white unless I push on it with my tongue. It's not a pimple..I don't know what it is. But it gets more noticeable every day.
  3. What makes you say that? I've used benzoyl for the past 5 years and I've discovered it only brings your pimples to a head
  4. Ever thought of just showering once a day? Switching everything up completely? There's nothing worse then dry skin..it's painful, caused redness, and just doesn't look good. I used to have ridiculous dry skin with very bad acne along my jaw lines and under my lip and I said screw it one day and started to just shower once a day, or twice if I exercised. I stopped scrubbing and irritating my face, and instead put the shower on cold and kept my face under it for about 10 seconds. That was a ye
  5. So I have a few small scars on my lower chin area under my lip. Lately I've noticed that the scar is beginning to get larger and noticeably stand out, almost white. If you can imagine, it's like my skin is being pinched by 2 scars and beginning to form a head. It's pretty noticeable. I'm not sure what to do. I used to suffer from very bad acne. It's recently gotten a lot better. In the picture it's the white bump to the left. Tough to really tell what's going on but who knows. Any help?
  6. Hey everyone, I'm now 21. I've had pretty serious acne from the age of probably 16. I'm an athlete. Between non-stop football and basketball and probably my fathers genes, I've always suffered. Started along my chin and jaw line with these pretty nasty red bumps that I'd load up with benzoyl peroxide over night and they'd eventually come to a head and could be popped. It was just my hair trying to come through. Then it went to my forehead and between my eyebrows. Not terrible, but it was there.
  7. I've been using this stuff minimally for around 2 months now. I only use it on a pimple I've popped or one that is just coming in. It seems to heal the popped pimple in a day or 2, and reduces the redness. If you notice a new pimple coming in right off, use this and from my experience, it will disallow it from becoming a whitehead and even prevent it from coming in period. If anyone knows actual facts about this stuff...is it true that it's bad for your skin or whatever if you continue to us
  8. So I get a lot of really hard red bumps in my chin area. They get pretty big and take a long time to form into a pimple. Does anyone know if this cream will cure this? I used it for a month or so when I got it from my dermatologist a while ago then stopped completely and I've decided to give it a go for a month to see if it results in any changes. Thanks
  9. So I currently have these 3 bumps on my face. Pretty small in size. They are red/skin colored but noticeable. When I push on them with my tongue they become white. I could've sworn the first 2 were pimples as they got bigger and I could see the puss form underneath them. I used BP on them for a couple days then they went down in size and have remained the same size and color since then. I now have a new one. BP isn't the answer. I was thinking maybe exfoliating and trying to open them up. A
  10. Ya when I do shave I trim it low and then shave it so the tugging wouldn't apply to this.
  11. So I have acne below my lips in my chin area on the left and right. I literally never shave this area with my electric razor, I just use a trimmer to keep some facial hair in the area. I completely shave my cheeks and my neck and jaw line and I no longer get acne there. Does shaving get rid of deadskin cells which in return reduce acne? Would it help for me to shave the area? Thanks
  12. So I've been applying Neosporin on my popped pimples after I get them. It literally heals them in under an hour, but it's still red and has that like scab thing that goes over it kind of as a protection device that happens with every pimple. Should I continue to apply Neosporin once it begins its healing process? Will it continue to help it heal faster? Thanks