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  1. Hi I'm brittney and I'd like to say .... I hate my skin! I have had acne since the 7th grade where it began as just small little pimples. But i am now 16 and it has progressed to little bumps covering my entire face with at least one painful inflated zit at all times. I do pick at my zits (I'm trying to stop). And I believe my acne is hereditary (both my mom and dad had it had as teen thru early adulthood). My acne also extends down my neck and onto my chest, back, and shoulders. It,s ugly, embarrassing, and painful. My skin is combo/oily and does not scar easily. I also wear makeup on a daily basis which includes the whole 9 yards ( concealer, foundation, powder etc.). The foundation I use is by cover girl and is oil free and I will switch between using my fingers or a brush to apply. I wash my face twice a day with Mary Kay velocity cleanser which is very gentle. I've tried a few things for acne one of those being benziclyn but nothing seems to do much for me. All I want is to feel beautiful and confident without makeup on and I can't do that with acne. I want to wake up on the morning and look in the mirror and say wow my skin looks good. So do you think the regimen would work for me? Should I just go ahead and try it?