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  1. Forego the gun, please. Have you spoke with a doctor about things you can go on for your liver disease? It's possible that's the underlying cause. I'm no doctor obviously, but I know they can suppress it with steroids and other medications. Weight loss, and I'm sure trouble gaining weight is a possible symptom of that disease so that could also be affecting your weight.
  2. The Retin-A nightmare story scared me. It just makes me wonder if it's worth it.
  3. Well it's good to hear it may not be abnormal, but it's definitely not what I was told by the derm. But again, I know different people react differently but it just seemed extremely odd to me that I was having these reactions. As far as the orange peel texture goes, that's what I'm most concerned about. Acne, at least what I had, I was mostly able to cover up. Scarring on the other hand, yeah that's not as easy to cover (I only have atrophic, no raised scars)
  4. I'm in my second week of using Retin-A and I'm having some effects that don't seem normal, or at least not at all what I was expecting. I know giving up so quick would be stupid, but I'm just looking to vent and talk about others who have had issues with it. 1) Skin is EXTREMELY oily, like I've never seen so much oil coming out of my skin EVER. It looks like my skin is sweating, all the time almost. This has been going on for about 4 days now, initially it was a little oilier but not lik
  5. Thank you, it really helps to have people here that are knowledgeable on these things.
  6. I would bump up to at least 1000mg a day if you're female. 300-500mg is the baseline for males to show acne improvement, females need more. Yeesh, I guess I'm just worried about what kind of effect it's going to have on me. I've felt sick the last couple days and I don't know if I actually am getting sick or if I'm having an allergic reaction to the SP since that's the only difference I've made. I didn't take one today and felt better than yesterday so I don't know, maybe it's all in my head.
  7. I'm glad to hear it started working for you! I'm hoping to have good results in the future as well I know it can take up to 6 months to fully see the effects but after dealing with acne for so long i've learned to be patient when trying new treatments.
  8. I'm adding Saw Palmetto to my daily vitamin list because I also get hormonal cysts and slight hirsutism due to a higher testosterone level. I also just started on Retin-A and I have yet to really see the effects since I'm only a week in.
  9. Thanks for putting all this work into this! I'm currently using Cetaphil, this is the first time I've tried it and it seems to work okay (after using it for a couple months now)... I don't think it's contributing anything to clearing my skin but it's not making it worse either. Now I just started on Retin-A and would like to have a good face wash. I think I'll try the CeraVe face wash since I love their moisturizing cream so much, plus it's on this list so why not.
  10. So I may be a little too optimistic about this whole thing, but I honestly think I can see a difference already. My cyst has gone done and since my skin peeled a little it feels so soft and looks better already. Here's looking to the future!
  11. In my problems areas, t-zone mainly, my skin is on the oily side as well so maybe that's the reason I don't have any real irritation yet. I wouldn't even care if my whole face was red and irritated and peeling like mad at this point, I just want something that works. I'm hoping I won't need to go higher in strength, the .05% seems high enough I would think.
  12. Well I updated my original post with my update so far and I haven't gotten the redness or dryness yet, just a small amount of peeling around my smile line area (I didn't put it any closer to my mouth than that.). I know I've only used it once so far but I really expected my skin to freak out the first time and it hasn't, but we'll see after a couple more times if I have any other irritations. What strength are you starting on? I'm not taking any oral antibiotics, what are you taking? The o
  13. Nobody that replies here will be considered to be butting in. I consider this a learning and bonding experience for all of us going through it and anything we go through will only help the next person that wants to know about it. Plus we can help each other out, so I say KEEP CALM AND POST ON!
  14. Well, I was told to start off once every three days but depending on how my skin reacts I may try doing once every two days. I haven't done any kind of purging so I'm worried too how much I will, but I know I have to look to the future and bear with whatever it may bring. It gets to a point when there has to be some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, so lets hope for both our sakes that this helps. Oh, and I will be eating as little sugar as humanly possible and only drinking water sin
  15. I've come to the conclusion that what I have on my upper thighs (on the sides up near my butt), my shoulders, and a small amount on my chest is a folliculitis of sorts since all acne related treatments have made it enormously worse. Everyday I wash those areas in the morning and at night with an anti-bacterial bar soap and let dry for 15 minutes, apply a layer of Lotrimin, and about a half hour later put on a thin layer of Polysporin. I have to say, I've been doing this for two weeks now and t