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  1. This is 6Weeks of washing my face with h&s and 2 weeks using glycerin as a moisturizer at night )
  2. 4Weeks washing my face with head and shoulders shampoo and 2Weeks using glycerin as a moisturizer at night!!!so happy:-)
  3. Work in progress!!ill update on week 4 :-)
  4. I stopped using prescription meds for my acne and just washing my face at night with h&s shampoo and moisturizing with cetaphil daily moisterizer and what a difference!!!! Its works!!!!better than anything I have tried ) good luck and I tell everyone I can about h&s lol cause believe me when I say ive tried everything else and failed...
  5. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/gallery/image/46954-hs-shampoo-as-facial-cleanser/
  6. Yes.I love the way it makes my hair feel and smell btw I don't have dandruff never have lol a friend told me to wash my face with it and it's been two Weeks since ive done so and OMG my acne is getting better....and believe me when I say I had baaad acne...Idk how to post pics on here yet...id be glad to show them to you
  7. I use head and shoulders classic clean for my hair and acne on my face....it works wonders your acne!!!!