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  1. https://imgur.com/a/IO1OW2y I recently fixed my cystic acne by fixing my gut problems. I now only get small pimples a few times a week. However, my cystic acne has left some red scarring, as you can see in the pic. What kind of lasering would be good for this? I think this is Postinflammatory Erythema instead of hyperpigmentation. Would VBeam be good?
  2. Hi guys, some of you might remember me. I was always asking questions on this forum. Well, I have pictures of my 5 month progress. The before picture is the second picture. Here is my regimen: Morning: Cleanse, BP. Evening: Cleanse, BP, AHA. I'll use moisturizer in the morning only twice a week, since I don't have time in the morning (I know this is bad), but my skin is the oily type, and not the dry type so I don't feel like I need it. I started the regimen in around august, and it has seriousl
  3. hey it's been over a year. how is your gluten-diet going? update please!
  4. What if i'm sweating so much and it gets in my eyes? I lift very heavy weights so it takes a lot of energy out of me so I sweat, unfortunately. Yea I guess I could start blotting
  5. Just wondering what you guys do at the gym when you work out and sweat. do you wipe with a white towel? My gym has those brown paper towel rolls, and I wipe my face with them about 8 times per workout session, or whenever I sweat. Should I start bringing a towel to the gym? As soon as I use a brown paper towel, I throw it away and get a new one the next time I wipe my face. I'm afraid with a white towel bacteria will accumulate after a while. So what do you guys do? I'm almost convinced that
  6. yo i have this exact problem. are you on the regimen? I use BP and AHA and i feel like my cheeks are swollen too.
  7. Hey guys, I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. I use BP twice a day, and AHA at night. Over the months, I noticed that my face got extremely fat. Could this be because of the BP or AHA? Does anyone have any similar experiences. People who I haven't seen in a long time would say "wow you got fatter". Also, I recently took a picture of myself, and wow, I could not recognize how fat my face has become. Please help. I should probably mention that yes, the regimen has been working for
  8. Did anyone experience this, or with any other forms of zinc? I swear it's causing my throat to be very dry and forces me to drink more water lol. And I find it hard to talk because my throat is so dry. help!!!
  9. This is a question for people who don't have dry, flaky skin. I've been on the regimen for over 2 months, and my skin didn't peel at all or flake. I use 2 pumps of BP, so it's not like i'm using too little. In the morning I use BP, and at night, I use BP and then a thin layer of AHA. However, Im still breaking out, and I take a multivitamin, fish oil, zinc, saw palmetto, vitamin D3, and Vitamin E. I Don't know what im doing wrong.
  10. I notice there is a huge difference. with 2 full pumps, it seems like there is almost too much BP to go around my face. With 2 pumps, i can multi-layer my face. I'm talking about 2 big, real pumps. Now if i do 1.5, I can only spread the BP around my face once, rather than have that layered feeling. So which is required? A relatively thin film or a multi-layered film of BP? My face is average-sized.
  11. Do you have any suggestions for a good multivitamin. Thanks!
  12. Does this work with men? I Have oily skin. I already take multivitamin, fish oil, saw palmetto, vitamin D, vitamin E, optiZinc (zinc methionine)
  13. I started Dan's AHA+ around 1.5 weeks ago, and I use it on my whole face at night in place of the moisturizer. I don't get how some people use a pea-sized drop amount to spread it around their whole face. If I had to estimate, if the AHA came in a pump, I use 75% of one full pump of AHA. I wonder if this is too much. It barely stings too. In fact, I welcome stinging because that means it's working lol.
  14. Hmm interesting. Do you have any suggestions for fish oils? Much appreciated thanks. My Optizinc has zinc methionine and copper in it, so this is good right? Btw, I took one yesterday, and did not feel tired at all. So that is a big plus. Usually when I took the chelated zinc gluconate I had previously, I would have to take a nap, even if I only took 25mg! It doesn't work though. I started out with just the multivitamin, and my pimples weren't going away so I slowly added everything else.
  15. omg thanks a lot. i was wondering what being anemic meant. But yea, good thing I switched to 30 mg, and the zinc I have now has copper in it so hopefully I will be okay.