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  1. I am in college too and it can be hard, if not impossible to exclude all milk and gluten. However, I've been doing pretty well. (I cheated over the weekend though) I was surprised to find how many restaurants and store brand products catered to people with gluten allergies. That really makes things a lot easier. As far as my skin, I really think this diet has been helping, but like you I dont know if its the milk, gluten, or the combination of both :/ I may slowly start to add some things back
  2. I know exactly how you feel, but trust me those "perfect girls" have issues of their own. Our "issue" just happens to be more noticeable, but sometimes what goes on behind closed door is a lot worse than visible problems.. (if that makes any sense haha) Props to you for being bold enough to go without makeup! That says a lot about you as a person, and confidence goes a long way! I can tell that you probably have an awesome personality, and once you get away from these immature high schoolers,
  3. Does anyone use twitter here? I just created an account specifically for people like us! I feel like I've been so negative about my skin lately, so I decided to take a more cynical approach by creating a twitter that people with severe acne can relate to. I dont have any followers yet, and this is probably the best place to find them! I'd really appreciate the help! Follow me @_AcneProblems_ Thanks!
  4. Has any one done the gluten free/dairy free thing? Ive been on it for about a week, and was wondering if any one here has had any success with it!
  5. I am interested in primers as well. I just worry about putting too much on my face. I know that my skin needs to breath in order to heal, but its so tempting to use! Especially when im going out and want to look as flawless as possible (hah who am i kidding....flawless?)
  6. I cant thank yall enough!!! And yes, whenever i walk into the sunlight it highlights them so much! Im considering becoming a vampire and only leaving the house at night. I just spent the past 30 minutes walking from room to room, checking my face in each type of lighting, trying to make sure I wont scare anyone when I go out....So pathetic Lots of great stuff here! Do you have any specific brand recommendations? Or maybe some of your favorite products?
  7. I would have slapped your friend for that. Surprisingly Ive never had to slap anyone. Im usually reserved about it, but Im getting to the point where Im so f-ing sick of it that I might slap the next person who even says the word "skin" I mean, Im 22 years old and I feel like this is long overdue...No one else I know has to spend 45 minutes filling in craters on their face every morning, only to have to wash it it off bc it starts to look like pre mature wrinkles I dont think even my own
  8. I recently bought the Tarte "Amazonian Clay" foundation. I havent gotten much wear out of it, mainly because Ive gotten tan and its a lighter shade. Which foundation do you have?
  9. Hey does any one know of a good OIL FREE moisturizer that will help fade scars? Ive heard coco butter is good, but i cant find any thats oil free! And oil is the last thing i need. Im looking for a good cheap/drugstore brand, but if anyone knows of a more pricey one that works well, I wouldnt mind paying extra! Thanks
  10. Does anyone have any tips for covering indented scars? I feel like sometimes the more I put on them, the more noticeable they are! I have a lot around my cheeks and chin. I know that wearing a ton of makeup is bad for me, but I just really want them gone! Thanks
  11. Thats another thing, its painful! People used to tell me I was being a "baby" and that their skin doesnt hurt when they scrub it, so why should mine? Umm Im pretty sure yours isnt bruised and swollen lol
  12. I despise people with "perfect" skin. I can't explain how I feel to them because they wouldnt understand... Its like theres a wall between people with clear skin, and people with acne. Two different worlds, and we can't relate I HATE girls who freak out over one FUCKING blemish... I find myself resisting the urge to use their faces as human dart boards..(well, not really, but wouldnt that show em!) I have friends who never wash their faces and STILL have perfect skin. WTF? This makes
  13. Hey Everyone! I'm so glad I stumbled across this forum, I feel like a kid in a candy store and I don't even know where to start! I'm a 22 year old girl whos had issues with her skin since about age 14 (Shit, thats almost a decade!) Anyways, like many of you I have tried just about everything the world has to offer in order to save my skin. Proactive, chemical peels, microderm, antibiotics, BC...you name it, Ive pretty much tried it, everything EXCEPT accutane (thats my last and final resort)