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  1. I dont have any answers for you bud but I feel your pain aboit hiding your body,its no fun!
  2. Hey there, I have fairly severe body acne on my chest and back so I decided to take some action and I am taking retin A and doing chemical peels biweekly. I dont have many active pimples maybe 5 or 6 but I literally have a hundred dark marks and a couple of deep scars so I definitely know how you feel about not being able to go out and have fun. I am so fun loving and have a nice face which makes it worse because I get hit on when I go.out but know I cant do anything because of the moster that
  3. keep at it dude.. Think of it this way, I live in the wost kind of hell and I am fighting for a way out. I have acne on my chest and back and while I don't have many active spots I have so many dark marks and a couple of scars. I have a fantastic personality so when I talk to girls and they see that i have a fairly handsome face I can talk with them and be so funny and get them so interested but I feel so guilty for myself and them for leading us both on when deep down I know that it would nev