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  1. Hi gotchocolate, Any updates? How much has your skin improved over the last month since you posted?
  2. Hi, When I was 16 - 18 (I am 24 now) I had a lot of break outs on my nose, some of which have stayed on as hideous bumpy scars. The bumps are relatively hard and make my nose feel rough. I know people tend to notice them because sometimes people tend to touch their nose when talking to me. Below are some images (the lighting makes them appear less severe than they really are) What is the best treatment? Thanks
  3. Also, I forgot to mention, I had a "test patch" co2 laser treatment carried out on a small area (around 2cm x 2cm patch) a few months back, however it did not do much in terms of improving the quality of the scars in that area (image below). Before the treatment, the doctor had told me that the main purpose of this treatment was to make sure my skin did not react inadvertently to the laser (which it did not) and that in order for me to see any improvement, the laser would need to be used on a mu
  4. Hello all, I am 25 years old and have had acne for the past 12 years or so, it being the most severe when I was around 17. When I was 18 I also got chicken pox all over my body. As a result, the sides of my face and nose have been left heavily scarred. The scars on the sides are "hole" like whereas those on my nose are "bump like". People say the scars don't look bad but I know they do because when I am talking to them, sometimes they tend to touch or rub their nose and stare at my cheeks.