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  1. Melinda- I had severe cystic acne when I was younger but it faded away throughout the years. I'd break out in cysts here and there but it wasn't a frequent occurance. I feel like with all medications it gets worse before it gets better. Of course, your medical doctor will know if you are reacting well. Scarlettbuzz- I have had acne for 11 years. I know this information already but thank you for sharing. If acne could just be cured by those steps, I would not have severely damaged skin with ic
  2. I'm glad laser worked for you!! Laser can increase growth sometimes on the face.. I think a lot of it depends on the skill of the provider (like electrolysis). I had a severe problem before laser, but I could have sworn the hair on my neck grew stronger. I could no longer pluck everything because there was too much hair & they were too strong to be yanked out no matter how much I tried. I had to pluck and shave. It was horrible. I changed electrologists a couple of times but I finally found
  3. Yes, I have and every doctor I have been to has not found anything wrong. I am hoping in a year I will be completely hair free, but not holding my breath. According to all the doctors, it's due to genetics. I recently got a blloo I have found a new electrologist and I'm going for 2 hours every 3 weeks. (This is compared to 2 hours weekly for 8 months, then 1 hours for another 7 months.) I should probably go more frequently but my skin needs a break. I have gone through multiple laser treatmen
  4. Sorry for the delayed response everyone. I spoke too soon about dealing with my acne scars. I had a couple of big breakouts since I last made this post so I realized my energy and time must be spent completely clearing my skin first. I'm still on Spironolactone and it is helping me. My skin is getting smoother and I think all the gunk underneath my skin is coming out (explains the random bad break outs..). I'm seeing my endocrinologist in January so maybe he will add birth control then! I tri
  5. Hi acne.org! I've been a member and a lurker of this site for way too long. I forgot the password for my old account(s) so I made a new one. Anyway, like everyone else, I have tried everything under the sun besides Accutane. My old, well-known dermatologist used to tease me with it.. long story but she is famous and unfortunately, only cares about her public appearances and money. I think she forgot why she became a dermatologist in the first place. In addition, I have facial hair and hyperpig