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  1. The most effective isolated spot treatment.. Which is the most effective treatment for ' on the spot ' directly .. Thank you to all for any input
  2. Can anyone shine light on why they have stopped making the 2.5 version when's it's obviously such a sort after treatment.. My alternative is oxy on the spot 2.5 cream.. It's slow absorbing though but works great. What about benzac 2.5? Is that a good alternative? I've also heard the 2.5 version can still be had via prescription.. Is this fact?
  3. Many thanks for that , it clears up pretty much everything, I'll stick to the basic ' regimen' it seems To be slowly but surely working, retin a would Probably cause more bad than good after reading Your information..
  4. Is this the Bp that is the best to use? I just want to make sure im using the number 1 product in the uk market.
  5. Thank you for your input I bought retin a before I tried Bp and the Bp as worked wonders so I have no need for it, I was thinking about using as a isolated substance for that one zit that needs to be treated on its own, would this be non beneficial?
  6. What is it used for? Pros? Cons?
  7. First a for most, see your gp for some anti depressants might sound abrupt but it Will help you. Then if you've tried everything but accutane I would try it.. Fuck the side effects nothing can be worse than being so Down.. I'm clear but suffer from major depression. Get your mind right then your acne right.. That's my opinion anyway
  8. When I'm applying bp or moisturiser it sticks to my stubble I'm Not willing to go clean shaven, it turns my stubble white and the only way to get rid is to dap it with a towel is there any suggestions to helping this issue..
  9. Just wondering which top 3 in each of the above are the best so I have a variety to pick from when Shopping currently using Freederm sensitive face wash Oxy on the spot 2.5 bp cream Cetaphil moisturiser gentle In the uk so uk products please.. Thanks